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The modular Polestar concept that resists all traditional automotive forms

We see many conceptual models of cars and bicycles, but very few designers go beyond this in an effort to improve the rest of the automotive sector. Polestar OnTour is a concept trailer that looks like a car from the future! He conceived with the goal of making loading and unloading a more convenient process […]

Bacteria can create flower-like patterns.

Scientists have discovered that bacteria growing in a petri dish form patterns that look like flowers. How is this possible? Bacteria do not grow by chance. The growth of Escherichia coli is slow but steady. In turn, Acinetobacter baylyi bacteria grow evenly in all directions until they cover the entire Petri dish within 24 hours. […]

A spacecraft in the form of a stingray has been developed that can "float" in the atmosphere of Venus

Researchers from the University of Buffalo have developed a project of a spacecraft in the form of a stingray, which may someday go to explore the atmosphere of Venus. This development was carried out as part of the BREEZE project (Bio-inspired Ray for Extreme Environments and Zonal Explorations) and NASA representatives chose it as one […]

Scientists have recorded a rare form of gravitational waves that have arisen in the earth's atmosphere

The earth’s atmosphere can be considered a liquid medium, because inside it the corresponding laws of hydrodynamics act and characteristic phenomena arise, such as circulation, flows and, yes, gravitational waves. The atmosphere is always in motion, thus, all the other phenomena mentioned and not mentioned above are constantly happening, but observing the most interesting ones […]

Scientists accidentally discover a new and stable form of plutonium

A group of researchers from the HZDR Institute (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), Germany, accidentally discovered a completely new stable form of plutonium. This unstable and radioactive element needs special measures during transportation, storage and disposal, and the discovery of German scientists may become a new way to solve the problems mentioned above. The instability of plutonium […]

The Vatican introduced the "electronic rosary" in the form of a bracelet

The authorities of the Catholic Church are trying in various ways to encourage young Christians, trying to find themselves in the world of new technologies. The last offer is an interactive rosary in the form of a bracelet. The purpose of using this device, of course, is to disseminate the popularity of Rosary prayers throughout […]

A new form of silver has been created, the strength of which exceeds the theoretical limit

When it comes to the properties of various metals, there is always a trade-off between their strength and electrical conductivity. However, this may change with the advent of a new class of materials, such as the shape of silver, recently created by one of the research groups. Taking advantage of defects in the crystal lattice, […]

Invented plastic is stronger than steel

Scientists at the University of Buffalo have developed a lightweight plastic that is much stronger than steel. The new material was created for use in body armor. Professor Shenqiang Ren and his team created a unique plastic based on Dyneemy – ultra high molecular weight polyethylene used in the manufacture of climbing loops, body armor […]

Deformed graphene exhibits an unprecedented form of magnetism

The structure of graphene, which is a “sheet” of carbon atoms of monatomic thickness, is quite simple, however, this conventionally two-dimensional material has a number of unique and amazing properties. Not so long ago, a group of scientists from Stanford University showed that graphene, deformed in a special way, can produce a magnetic field. But […]

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