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Jupiter's moon has water geysers. There are new research findings

Europe is one of the most interesting moons of Jupiter. It turns out there are water geysers on it. This was assumed for a long time, and recently a numerical simulation was carried out, which confirmed it. The results of the study were provided by the German Max Planck Institute for the Study of the […]

The V-shaped aircraft is energy efficient and has double cabin space!

Bridging the distinction between an airplane’s cabin and its wings, Justus Benad’s Flying-V offers a unique V-shaped airplane design that integrates the passenger cabin, cargo compartment and fuel tanks right in the wings. As part of a graduation project, Bedan Justus, a student at Delft University of Technology, designed the Flying-V, which has a wider […]

Pentagon wants to catch drones in the net (video)

The U.S. Department of Defense wants to use a special drone to catch other unauthorized flying devices. Drone Hunter is a modern drone that uses artificial intelligence to detect, track, and intercept unauthorized drones. The device uses a special radar to track possible targets. If someone is in his area of ​​operation, Drone Hunter shoots […]

SOFIA Flying Observatory takes the most detailed shot of the center of our galaxy

Not so long ago, the data obtained using the SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) flying astronomical observatory were used to compose a picture of the central region of our galaxy, which has a level of detail unprecedented today. The resulting image covers an area of ​​600 light-years, and despite the fact that the center […]

Hyundai will create a flying taxi for Uber

Hyundai has partnered with Uberem to create a flying taxi. The car is part of a vision of cities of the future. A car from Hyundai uses the capabilities of vertical take-off and landing, as well as electric motors to drive the entire structure. A specially designed taxi should allow carrying passengers and additional cargo. […]

Airbus VSR700 autonomous helicopter completes first flight

This happened on November 8 this year in a specialized center for testing drones in the area of ​​the French town of Aix-en-Provence in southern France. There, this prototype drone performed a series of flights with a long wire connected, flying for ten minutes. The autonomous Unmanned Aerial System helicopter was assembled on the basis […]

China showed a flying saucer-shaped aircraft

China wants to modernize its army in order to compete with the United States in the struggle for global domination. At a recent exhibition, a completely new experimental technology was introduced – a flying saucer-shaped helicopter. An exhibition of Chinese helicopters was held in Tianjin. It was then that a prototype of a futuristic attack […]

Boeing and Porsche build a flying car

Boeing and Porsche said they are working together on an electrically driven conceptual flying vehicle. The American aviation industry group already this year tested a prototype of a flying car for 2-4 passengers, which can cover up to 50 kilometers. It took place several months after competing with Boeing, Airbus, in collaboration with Audi's premium […]

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