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Xiaomi introduced its first OLED TV in the Master series

Xiaomi has officially announced its first TV to offer an OLED matrix. It uses LG's 120Hz refresh screen, and in the presentation it looks like a great offer in terms of price and quality. The new Xiaomi TV opens the series of models planned by the Chinese manufacturer using OLED matrices. The premiere model is […]

Another Huawei smartphone sold out in seconds!

Huawei P40 Pro + is currently the best smartphone in the Huawei lineup. The flagship breaks popularity records in China, where during the first sales, he disappeared from the shelves in seconds. Delayed sales of the P40 Pro + were a pretty risky move, as there have long been two strong versions of the P40 […]

What is the most popular smartphone in the world?

The best-selling smartphone in the world has become known. Consulting company Omdia has provided a report that says that the Apple iPhone 11 is the best-selling smartphone in the world in I quarter. this year. The latest entry-level model in the Apple lineup was more popular than last year's iPhone XR, reaching sales of about […]

Japanese supersmartphone – its screen is impressive!

The world's first smartphone equipped with a screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, appeared on the Taiwanese market. The Sharp Aquos Zero 2 smartphone debuted in September last year. This is the world's first smartphone with a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. It is also the lightest smartphone […]

Free internet from Facebook in some countries. Special application launched

Facebook is moving forward with an exciting new initiative targeting developing countries. This is a special application Discover, which allows you to browse the Internet for free. The application is already available for first comers. According to Facebook, the Discover app was created based on the Free Basics initiative, available in 55 countries. The application […]

Lexus LC Convertible

The luxury LC Convertible Convertible is the first Lexus with a foldable soft roof. Therefore, the engineers of the brand did not spare efforts to create the best roof for this unique car. The new roof not only gives the LC Convertible silhouette an elegant, sophisticated shape that is directly linked to the LC Coupe […]

Coronavirus test for home use

FDA – The US Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has approved the first coronavirus test kit, designed for self-examination at home. In recent months, many US biotechnology companies have worked to create a home-made tester that allows independent research on coronavirus. Each of the projects had to undergo relevant studies in order to obtain permission […]

Huawei will introduce a new TV – it will be a "killer" LCD

The first OLED TV of the Chinese brand Huawei will soon debut. The TV device boasts a 65-inch screen and a great speaker system. The Smart TV X65 model will be equipped with a 24MP retractable camera installed directly below the screen, and as many as 14 speakers that use the environmental profile in our […]

The Chinese are working on a safe car battery

BYD Auto – A Chinese car company is developing a battery designed to provide safety without sacrificing performance. Electric cars, despite their great popularity, are still an object of concern. All due to repeated stories of battery explosion and ignition of a damaged car. To prevent such events, the Chinese automobile company BYD is developing […]

Amazon's first case of coronavirus

Amazon announced its first confirmed case of COVID-19 in a warehouse. The case concerns the New York branch. According to a statement released by an e-commerce giant, an infected Amazon employee was working in a warehouse in the Queens area in New York. All employees of this unit were sent home, and the place was […]

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