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Google Maps Gets Features That Make Travel Ahead During A Pandemic

Google Maps has added new features that are related to the situation caused by the coronavirus. New options are designed to make travel easier and safer. When searching for places, the application will display special warnings related to COVID-19 disease and restrictions imposed due to it. The first features associated with COVID-19 disease appeared on […]

Zoom with stronger encryption features for paid users only

A popular messenger recently announced that it will provide even more powerful encryption features, but only for those who pay for the subscription. Now he explains this decision. Zoom director Eric Yuan said that this decision was dictated by the necessary control and the desire to help law enforcement if users appear to use the […]

Realme Watch – the debut of low-cost smart watches with interesting features

Realme Watch is a low-cost smart watch of the Chinese brand, which debuted in India. The watch has a 1.4-inch screen and a battery that provides up to 20 days of work per charge. The device has a sensor that measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood and a heart rate monitor. Enclosure complies […]

Firefox 76 with Advanced Security Features

Mozilla has released the latest update for its browser. Firefox, labeled number 76, mainly focuses on the security features of stored passwords. New items include, among other things, the familiar Google Chrome function that alerts you to a password leak. If our password was used on a website that in the past was aimed at […]

New changes in Pokémon GO add more features to the game without leaving home

Faced with the current situation, the creators of Niantic are making changes to Pokémon GO, allowing you to enjoy the game even at home. Until recently, the main goal of the game was to encourage going outside, using movement and social interaction, but now Niantic is trying to achieve this while remaining safe. Coming soon […]

Microsoft Teams gets new features. Among them are backgrounds for video chat

Microsoft Teams is still under development, and further changes have been announced this week. These include video chat functions, which introduce the ability to set the background. At the moment, however, there is no way to upload your own image. However, we know that such an option will also be added over time. Microsoft Teams […]

WhatsApp Beta with New Features

Although the latest messenger updates are primarily related to security issues, WhatsApp has proven that it also remembers other features. Proof of this is the latest beta version of the application, which presents some interesting solutions. Firstly, this is the advanced search option, which allows us to scroll through our messages in search of specific […]

What are the features of the iPhone XR

A smartphone in the modern world is an integral part in human life. Now the phone is designed not only to make calls, but also for a huge number of other actions. A smartphone is also needed to view social networks, search for information on the Internet, replace a camera and much more. Best of […]

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