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Instagram is testing features with TikToka

Long gone are the days when the Snapchat app was the “founder” of trends. Instagram has grabbed many of the features now, and in the easiest way: it just copied the ideas. Now that Snapchat is no longer a threat, the time seems to be for another competitor, i.e.TikTok. TikTok is an application that allows […]

New Macbook Version: Intriguing Rumors of Apple's New Devices

The network has new unofficial information that speaks of Apple's market plans for the coming months. It is possible that a company from Cupertino will decide to enter the market along with glasses for augmented reality. They also say about the premiere of a Macbook with an ARM processor. It is possible that in the […]

Firefox browser will translate pages very soon without using Google Translate

Mozilla has developed a new website translation mechanic that will soon find use in your Firefox browser. The tool will not use the capabilities of well-known solutions of this type, such as Google Translate or Bing Translator. In one of the upcoming updates, Firefox will receive a new tool for translating web pages. This solution […]

Instagram and new photo capture features

Instagram is trying to grow and keep up to date. The company is engaged in the processing of webcam applications. Yes, this application may have had problems and mass crashes, but the fact that Instagram is the most popular photo network in the world cannot be denied. Now, a worldwide popular social network is trying […]

Russian technology giant introduced a competitor for TikTok

The Russian company Yandex, which is the developer of the country's most popular search engine, introduced an application called Sloy. Its functionality is largely reminiscent of the capabilities of the extremely popular TikTok. According to representatives of the Russian technological giant, the Sloy application is focused mainly on young fashion lovers, people who want to […]

HP Specter x360 13 – New Business Notebook Offers Even More Features

The new Specter x360 13 will appeal to demanding users who are looking for a compact, productive and functional laptop. However, this is not a cheap pleasure. The HP Specter x360 13 is one of the most interesting laptops for business users. The manufacturer introduced its new version, which not only offers higher performance, but […]

Google Assistant allows you to initiate calls on WhatsApp

Google Assistant has survived to deep integration with WhatsApp software. The features of the new function include two interesting features: it is the ability to initialize video and audio calls using simple voice commands. After they announced the possibility of turning off the sound, the company decided to put forward another novelty. This time the […]

Netgear showed a router with Wi-Fi 6. Price bites

At the IFA, Netgear showed off its full range of products, including the rather interesting Orbi router. This equipment, which although has good capabilities and also supports Wi-Fi 6, is offered at a considerable price. Orbi routers first appeared three years ago, and now have received a Wi-Fi 6 update. This means much better signal […]

Microsoft Edge will get new features soon

Microsoft Edge is constantly evolving. The giant from Redmond has announced features that will be added to the new version of the program. Among the new products is the automatic blocking of video and audio on web pages. Or the ability to personalize a new card with your own background. Program users will receive new […]

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