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OnePlus Nord in the teaser. See how it will look

OnePlus has long been announcing its new mid-range phone, which is the OnePlus Nord. It is expected that this model will appear on the market in July this year, and now we finally can take a look at how this smartphone looks. Teaser video does not provide much information. In fact, we just received confirmation […]

The moon arose differently than we thought so far? There are new studies

The moon is usually considered the part torn from our planet as a result of a collision with some large object. However, there are other hypotheses. A new study found that its craters have more iron and titanium than expected. The moon may be a fragment of the Earth formed as a result of a […]

Galaxy Fold Lite will not appear until next year

Samsung is expected to showcase three new flagships soon. We will probably see them already on August 5th at Unpacked. The bad news is that among them, most likely, there will be no Galaxy Fold Lite. South Korean portal Viva 100 reports that Samsung was due to premiere a simplified version of the Galaxy Fold […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 without expected function due to technical issue

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will debut in just a few weeks. Some fans of the brand relied on the possibility of working with the S Pen in the new model with a folding screen. Well, new information suggests that such a feature will not be added. On the way were technical limitations. Samsung Galaxy Fold […]

Xiaomi's next flagship will have 16 GB of RAM

It is expected that the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi will debut with a huge amount of RAM. The device will have up to 16 gigabytes of RAM. Initially, Xiaomi Black Shark 3 was supposed to get 16 GB of RAM, but this did not happen. Now there is a new rumor that the next flagship […]

Russia plans to build a new orbital space station. ISS replacement expected

The Russian Federation announced plans to build a new orbital space station, which is expected to become a key one in plans for further space conquest. It is to her that ships moored on a journey to the moon and Mars should moor. The design should be modular and, therefore, multifunctional, as well as easy […]

New leaks about the smartphone Nokia 5.3

New information about the next Nokia smartphone has hit the Internet. The model appeared number 5.3 and will receive, among other things, a camera in the style of “Oreo”. Nokia is preparing a new smartphone from the middle price segment. It is expected that the manufacturer will implement a 16-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel telephoto […]

Scientists can use durian fruits to create supercapacitors

Scientific research sometimes deals with things that we would not expect to see in the context of technology. This is the case with the most smelly fruit in the world, which can be good material for creating supercapacitors. Durian is an extremely interesting fruit – on the one hand, it is considered almost a royal […]

No one expected such a Hyundai offer!

Hyundai i20 has a completely new design and is the first European car of this brand, developed in accordance with the design language called Sensuous Sportiness. Sketches representing the new generation i20 suggest that we will be dealing with a very dynamically designed car. Typical Hyundai brand cascading design extends to the sides of the […]

Samsung at CES 2020 will show NEON. Artificial Intelligence Expected to Take It to the Next Level

NEON is a new artificial intelligence-based project that Samsung is about to showcase during the January CES 2020 exhibit. So far, the new solution is shrouded in mystery. It is known, however, that it is not related to Bixby, which the manufacturer has already confirmed. The team of specialists from STAR Labs is responsible for […]

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