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Astronomers have discovered in the Kepler 51 system the most “soft and fluffy” exoplanet

Not so long ago, scientists astronomers discovered that in the star system of Kepler 51 are three completely unusual exoplanets. The mass of these exoplanets is several times greater than the mass of the Earth, but the smallest of them exceeds the size of Neptune. This allowed scientists to suggest that the tiny rocky core […]

The recently discovered exoplanet shows: humanity still knows too little about planet formation

GJ3512b is an exoplanet that is located about 30 light years from our Earth. This is a gas giant that spins around a red dwarf. The new planet is interesting because it is one of the largest, which is in a system with a small star and has a wide orbit. Scientists cannot explain how […]

First exoplanet without atmosphere discovered

Astronomers first observed an exoplanet without an atmosphere. In recent years, several observations of rocky planets have been made, revolving around red dwarfs – small stars, with a radius equal to 60% of the radius of the Sun. Despite their size, these stars are very active – to the point that many scientists say: planets […]

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