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CES 2020: Production of water from air and solar energy

According to UN estimates, more than 2 billion people live without clean drinking water in their homes. Zero Mass Water has developed a completely revolutionary solution. Their Source device only receives water from air and sunlight. “The Source panel created by us is currently the only solution providing access to clean water that does not […]

Apple begins building another campus. It will operate exclusively on clean energy.

Apple has just reported that the construction of the company's new campus, which will be located in Austin, Texas, has begun. This is an expansion plan for a Cupertino company. An investment is worth a billion dollars. The campus, whose opening is scheduled for 2022, is part of Apple's development strategy. According to Tim Cook, […]

A revolution in calcium batteries

Calcium-based batteries promise high energy density at low production costs. This laboratory-scale technology can replace lithium-ion battery technology in future energy storage systems. However, now everything does not look so rosy because of the problem with charging them at room temperature. Scientists from the German Institute of Technology Karlsruhe argue that the currently dominant lithium-ion […]

Graphene could trigger an energy revolution

Researchers have discovered that graphene can capture methane, which can then serve as an energy source. The use of innovative technologies can greatly simplify the process of methane combustion, and in addition, this method is safe for the environment. Methane produced by anaerobic bacteria that decompose organic material in the absence of oxygen. Wastewater treatment […]

The demolition of four cooling towers at Ferribridge Power Station is a “milestone” for the UK energy industry

Cooling towers were demolished in Nottingley, West Yorkshire, and turned into rubble. A video appeared on the network that captured how 375 foot towers in Ferribridge were demolished in 45 seconds as a result of a controlled explosion. Previously, about 140 houses were evacuated in the 328-yard exclusion zone around the power plant, which was […]

IKEA will soon produce more energy than it consumes

A well-known Swedish company said that IKEA will consume less energy than it will produce during the manufacturing process. Recently, many companies are beginning to invest more in such things. IKEA has decided to go further. The company said that by 2020 it will generate more energy than it consumes in its stores. Moreover, IKEA […]

Tokamak Energy has created electromagnets with superconducting windings that produce a field of 24.4 Tesla

Engineers at Tokamak Energy have succeeded in creating new electromagnets with high-temperature superconducting windings that can generate a magnetic field with a record force of 24.4 Tesla for such magnets. Magnet windings are made of REBCO (Rare Earth – Barium – Copper Oxide) material, from which HTS produces tapes. The package of the winding, with […]

A car capable of driving an unlimited distance

In the era of rapid development of emission-free cars, the biggest problem is their driving range. Tesla is still working on optimizing its batteries, and Toyota decided to implement another idea. As can be seen from the article on the pages of the LA Times, Toyota, in collaboration with the Japanese technology development organization and […]

Experiments with a single atom made it possible to exclude the theory of dark energy, based on the "fifth fundamental force"

Scientists have known for a long time that the Universe is constantly expanding its borders, but the data from the Hubble Space Telescope, received back in the 1990s, indicate that now the expansion of the Universe is much faster than in the distant past. This fact made a lot of noise in due time, forcing […]

Sian is Lamborghini's first hybrid supercar to use supercapacitors to store energy

The well-known Italian automobile company Lamborghini harmoniously integrated into the general trend of electrifying vehicles, creating its first hybrid supercar, called Sian, which means “flash” or “lightning” in one of the dialects of the Italian language. This car is equipped with a 785-horsepower V12 engine, which is paired with a 34-horsepower electric motor, providing the […]

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