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In South Africa, one of the main elements of the largest scientific building was included

Not so long ago, in South Africa, the first inclusion of systems was made to ensure the operation of a new radio telescope antenna, the height of which is equal to the height of a seven-story building. This antenna, installed in the Karu semi-desert, is one of the key components of the future Square Kilometre […]

Facebook could follow in the footsteps of Twitter and Google and minimize political advertising

Facebook has no plans to completely abandon political advertising, as Twitter did. However, Mark Zuckerberg and the company are considering limiting the visibility of sponsored advertising elements of this type. Twitter recently announced that it parted with political advertising on its platform, such a solution was met very, very well among users. Certain restrictions in […]

Xiaomi's new smartphone may look like the iPhone 11 Pro and have an additional screen

Xiaomi has the idea of ​​another smartphone that will have several distinctive features – one of them is the layout of the camera, inspired by the new iPhone 11. The new Xiaomi phone surprises with several design elements. Xiaomi is not afraid of revolutionary ideas, which confirms the creation of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Recently, […]

Google Pixel 4 smartphones will introduce a new way to use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the main elements of the Android operating system, which is increasingly used by users of smartphones with this OS. Along with the debut of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google Assistant will also change dramatically. Along with the release of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google […]

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