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UK tests wireless charging for electric taxis

A special test program has started in Nottingham. Its mission is to test the cost-effectiveness of wireless electric vehicle charging technology. The UK investment of nearly $ 4.5 million represents the development of a “city cleanup” strategy. Its main premise is the gradual replacement of public transport vehicles from diesel to electric. A six-month trial […]

A robot that alone can handle charging an entire parking lot clogged with electric cars

A few years ago, at an event called Future Mobility Day, Volkswagen Group representatives showed the public a small robot that could charge an electric car by connecting to it and pumping the energy contained in the internal battery into its batteries. And recently, representatives of the automotive giant introduced an updated version of this […]

Vision-S – Sony's first electric car

Oddly enough, but not Apple, but Sony is the first company in the IT industry to show the world its car. Vision-S is so far only a prototype that is not known when it goes on sale. However, it is worth paying attention to it now. Vision-S, unlike other concept cars, looks like a classic […]

Segway Apex – the company showed the concept of an electric motorcycle

Segway is a company known, first of all, for various kinds of gyro scooters. This company decided to get out of its niche and showed the concept of an electric motorcycle. Apex is able to reach 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and its maximum speed is 201 km / h. These are pretty […]

Volkswagen is developing a robot that will charge an electric car

Volkswagen introduced a prototype robot that acts as a charger for electric cars. Interestingly, the device is able to independently find a parked car, and then connect it to the charging station. The robot has an advanced navigation system based on webcams, sensors and lasers. Volkswagen is thinking more seriously about electric cars. The designed […]

Physicists have found a metal substance that does not conduct heat when an electric current passes through it.

Researchers from the American National Laboratory in Berkeley have discovered a new substance, which, being in a metallic state, conducts electric current well, being, at the same time, a thermal insulator. This feature of this material can be very useful in some areas, however, it fundamentally breaks all established principles and understanding of how electrical […]

Most Cadillac cars will be electric by 2030

GM recently announced that by 2030, most of their cars will be electric. The information was first reported by Reuters. According to her, the head of GM, to which Cadillac belongs, made a promise in which he categorically stated that the year 2030 would be a turning point for his company. That is when most […]

Toyota accelerates the development of electric and autonomous cars

MIRISE Technologies is a new company whose task is to develop new generations of semiconductors. It is these components that can play a decisive role in the accelerated development of autonomous and electrified cars. MIRISE is an acronym for Innovative Mobility Research Institute for SEmiconductors, as well as a combination of the words “mirai” (Japanese […]

The first commercial electric aircraft made a successful test flight

Harbor Air conducted a successful test flight on an eBeaver electric airplane. The design is based on a version of the aircraft originally created in 1948. eBeaver is a highly modified version of the legendary DCH-2 Beaver. The aircraft uses an electric engine with a capacity of 750 horsepower. Harbor Air has announced a partnership […]

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