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Dyson revealed abandoned electric car design

Many were waiting for the electric car of the British technology company, unfortunately, the brand decided to cancel the project in October last year. Now, however, Dyson reveals details about its appearance and functionality. The electric car, code-named "N526" was supposed to be a seven-seater SUV, reminiscent of modern Range Rover. The impression was made […]

Tesla is working on batteries that will reduce the price of electric cars

Batteries in electric vehicles are responsible not only for light, but also for the entire range of the vehicle. For this reason, such batteries are quite expensive, but this is what Tesla wants to fix. According to Reuters, the company Ilona Mask can work on cheap batteries, which were supposed to debut this year in […]

IRIS – a concept electric car that visualizes musical rhythms!

The most interesting thing about IRIS is that designer Arturo Tedeschi used instruments like DJs do with instruments and samplers. “IRIS is the result of a mix of algorithmic design, virtual reality and video games,” Tedeschi says. I see the aesthetics of a DJ with neon lights, and it works – turn up the volume […]

Monster Cars: Top EV Racing & HyperPower is the most powerful electric car that will soon become the fastest.

Our regular readers are aware of the existence of Formula-E races, which are the "electric variant" of Formula-1 races. And now it's time to learn about another form that has received an electric embodiment – drag racing racing. The "first sign" in the electric version of these races was the car created by Top EV […]

First-of-a-kind Magnetic Logic Element with Fully Electric Control Created

Literally every year, our computers are becoming faster and faster, which significantly expands the number of tasks that can be solved with their help. However, recently there has been a slight decline in the annual increase in computer performance, determined by the so-called Gordon Moore's law, and this is due to the fact that the […]

Monster Cars: Ampere – A New Electric Motor Demonstrating Record Energy Performance

The collaboration between the British companies Equipmake and HiETA led to the birth of a new electric motor, demonstrating today's record energy performance. This electric motor, dubbed Ampere, has the highest ratio of power it produces to its own weight, which is 20 kW per kilogram. Such impressive indicators were obtained through the use of […]

Micro Mobility Systems revealed two new urban electric vehicles

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems introduced two new urban electric vehicles – Microlino 2.0 and Microlette. It is a mini-car and a mini-bike, which are ideal for use in urban environments, although their price can slightly scare them off. Microlino is a refurbished model that was shown five years ago. In principle, this is […]

$ 2.9 million electric hypercar

The famous brand Pininfarina introduced a unique version of its flagship Hypercar Battista. This is not the first time that the Italian automaker has been surprised by exclusive ideas. Recently, there was a lot of buzz about the Battista electric supercar, which was declared the most powerful production car ever made in southern Italy. Now […]

New electric Citroen for … 20 euros per month (well, almost) [2 видео + 25 фото]

Less even a Smart, which does not require a category B driver’s license, is completely electric. Here's in front of you: Citroen Ami. Citroen Ami is based on a concept city car introduced by the French a year ago. This is a tiny car that holds only 2 people (and carry-on luggage), a car that […]

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