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New batteries created to replace up to a thousand conventional batteries

In the US alone, 3 billion batteries are thrown away annually. Other studies show that the average family uses about 50 batteries each year. Lithium-ion batteries still dominate the market and their use is increasing. Meanwhile, they are harmful to the environment. Therefore, many companies come to the conclusion that batteries may be the more […]

Android auto-complete passwords will provide biometrics

XDA magicians have reported that Google is working on introducing a new password protection feature to auto-complete passwords in Android. Ultimately, this feature allows you to check the user with each act of using a password. Better late than never. Although it may seem strange that this has happened only now, the mere fact that […]

Santa Claus route now on Google

Santa’s route will appear in the Google app, which many of us are familiar with and, of course, those who have children. Let's see what's new in the application. Santa's route to Google is an application that updates the giant with Moutainview every year. Google this year decided to introduce a new design in a […]

A revolutionary 3D printer can create models from multiple materials at once

3D printing technology already allows us to do a lot, but its capabilities have not yet been exhausted and we still have many discoveries in this area. One of these possibilities is to create models from several materials simultaneously. And this has recently been done. The novelty is so unique that it can create objects […]

iPhone 12 with a new design that is still obsolete

The best pictures to date have depicted the iPhone 12. We again see a bang, which most manufacturers have refused. PhoneArena website shared its drawings on the topic of iPhone 12. Their visualizers, as a rule, have much in common with reality and it is quite possible that the new smartphone from Apple will be […]

Users complain again about iOS 13.2

This time we are talking about applications running in the background. IOS-13 users have no peace using this operating system. And this is a rather sad situation. Since the release, many corrections have been introduced and subsequent errors and problems still arise. Now Apple customers are complaining about how the system behaves in relation to […]

Tesla will receive new sounds while driving

Tesla is still working on software updates for its electric vehicles. If Netflix or Cuphead is not enough for anyone, now everyone will be able to choose various sounds, including the sound of coconuts. The new update will affect the sounds that emit the sound of the motor during a slow ride. It is not […]

Americans block Chinese companies creating face recognition systems

28 Chinese companies and organizations are on the American black list. Each of these firms is engaged in the creation and development of face recognition systems. The US administration has banned 28 companies from cooperating with suppliers from the United States. The ruling circles also decided to block the purchase of components necessary for the […]

For two years, hackers had access to photos, messages and the location of iPhone users

Google experts discovered sites that exploited vulnerabilities in Apple software to distribute malware. Thanks to them, attackers had access to the information of iPhone users. Hacked sites were visited several thousand times during each week for 2 years. On its blog, the Google Project Zero team reported on perhaps the largest attack on iPhone users […]

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