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Sunburst Arc – a galaxy with 12 images located simultaneously at different points in the night sky

The thin ring of light that you can see in the pictures here is not an artifact left after image processing, or even glare on the lenses of the Hubble space telescope, which made this picture. This is the light distorted by the forces of gravity from a galaxy located 11 billion light-years from Earth. […]

A new type of battery will allow you to charge an electric car in 10 minutes

The latest versions of Tesla charging stations allow owners of electric cars to quickly return to the road, but we are still very far from the moment when a full recharge of the car’s batteries will at least come close to the time required to fill the tank with liquid fuel. However, breakouts quite often […]

An “ecological” battery has been created that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when charging

A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new method that allows you to extract carbon dioxide from any stream, whether it is air pumped by fans or the chimney outlet of a thermal power plant. The device created on the basis of this method is a specialized battery that […]

An interface has been created that allows direct connection of superconductors and semiconductors

At present, when creating quantum, neuromorphic, and other similar systems, superconductors, materials having zero electrical resistance at low temperatures, are widely used. But, in the same devices, traditional semiconductors, materials with partial conductivity, with which control and control circuits are created, are also used. And for the effective operation of such systems, an interface between […]

The first British module will deliver a miniature walking robot to the moon in 2021

On October 10, 2019 in London, as part of the New Scientist Live science festival, Pavlo Tanasyuk, the founder and head of Spacebit, shared his company's plans for sending a lander to the moon, which will deliver a miniature walking robot there. If successful, this robot will be the first device to use mechanical limbs […]

Voyager spacecraft discovered an area of ​​unexpectedly high pressure at the edge of the solar system

NASA astronomers and astrophysicists, using data transmitted to Earth by the Voyager mission research apparatus, found that the pressure in one of the remote border regions of our system was higher than expected. The results of the studies indicate that "there are so far some unknown factors that contribute to increased pressure," and scientists are […]

Physicists have found a way to "hear" dark matter

Physicists from Stockholm University and the Max Planck Institute of Physics, Germany, using some of the properties of low-temperature plasma, have found a new way that will bring the "hunt for dark matter" to a whole new level. We remind our readers that the concept of dark matter was introduced at the time to explain […]

Scania AXL – a robotic truck concept that shows us the future of mining

Without a doubt, the world is moving towards a future in which all cars will be completely self-driving. And confirmation of this is the concept of the truck-robot AXL of the well-known company Scania, which does not even have a driver's cabin and which is intended for use in the mining industry. Note that Scania […]

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