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Is Microsoft working on a Surface Go tablet? The first information appeared on the network

The development of devices from the Surface line has accelerated significantly in recent months, so it is not surprising that information about new Microsoft hardware appears on the network. The latter concern the new version of the cheapest tablet from Microsoft – Surface Go. There was information about a possible, close launch of the Surface […]

Pentagon wants to catch drones in the net (video)

The U.S. Department of Defense wants to use a special drone to catch other unauthorized flying devices. Drone Hunter is a modern drone that uses artificial intelligence to detect, track, and intercept unauthorized drones. The device uses a special radar to track possible targets. If someone is in his area of ​​operation, Drone Hunter shoots […]

Quick Share – Samsung's answer to AirDrop technology

XDA Developers reports that Samsung is working on a response to Apple's AirDrop technology. Development should be called Quick Share. Quick Share will work on all smartphones of the Korean manufacturer. In accordance with the description of the application, the solution allows for instant data exchange with people nearby. The only requirement, as with AirDrop, […]

OnePlus confirms: “invisible” camera will go to other smartphones

The camera installed in the OnePlus Concept One smartphone will get to other mobile devices. This information was confirmed by the head of the Chinese company, Pete Lau. In an interview with The Verge, Pete Lau confirmed that OnePlus is going to use its “invisible” camera in other smartphones related to flagship models. True, the […]

One type of charger – European Commission new idea

The European Commission plans to introduce rules that should unify the type of charger for a smartphone. The point is that any of the mobile devices can be charged using the same accessory. Currently, the most popular charging standards are micro-USB, USB-C, and the Lightning connector. The introduction of one standard universal charger will allow […]

Chinese giant that could threaten Huawei and Xiaomi

TCL announced its series 10 smartphones. Among them were mobile devices such as TCL 10 5G, 10 Pro and 10 L. TCL smartphones should be available in global markets by the end of 2020. New models, according to the manufacturer, will compete with the largest brands. A series of smartphones 10 was equipped with the […]

Samsung Vtouch – a new, non-contact way to control devices

Before the CES exhibition, the Korean manufacturer opened the veil of secrecy. Vtouch is a new, non-contact interface that could be integrated into a range of electronic devices in the future. Vtouch is Samsung's idea that makes it even more convenient to use electronics. Many modern electronic devices are serviced by touch. But it is […]

Volkswagen is developing a robot that will charge an electric car

Volkswagen introduced a prototype robot that acts as a charger for electric cars. Interestingly, the device is able to independently find a parked car, and then connect it to the charging station. The robot has an advanced navigation system based on webcams, sensors and lasers. Volkswagen is thinking more seriously about electric cars. The designed […]

Is this a smartphone? Top 5 most unusual innovative mobile devices

As soon as the public got used to the “smart” phones, capable of performing dozens of various useful functions, smartphones began to appear on the market, which, in addition to opportunities, shock their appearance and origin. Manufacturers began to work actively on the creation of devices with three cameras, mobile phones in a flexible case, […]

An artificial neuron that can help fight Alzheimer's

In the near future, medical devices equipped with artificial neurons can be used to combat Alzheimer's disease. English scientists from the University of Bath and Bristol University have developed the first of its kind biochip, which behaves like brain cells. He is able to register and respond to electrical signals from the nervous system. Moreover, […]

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