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DroneGun Tactical – a drone capture rifle

The Australian company DroneShield has created a device in the form of a rifle, capable of shooting down drones using radio waves. DroneGun Tactical is a device weighing about 6 kg. Only one person controls it, it sends special radio waves drowning unmanned aerial vehicles. A range of up to two kilometers and high mobility […]

Unusual device for producing cheap energy

A newly developed device allows you to produce fuel using only sunlight and water. Due to the use of catalytic electrodes and perovskite solar cells in one device, the invention has a productivity of 6.7 percent. It may be too early to think about turning our cars into hydrogen without emissions, but researchers hope the […]

Tuned – introduced a new Facebook application. This is a device designed for couples.

Tuned is a new application from Facebook, which is available only to users of iOS devices and is designed for couples. The novelty is a kind of diary that allows you to share notes, photos or voice messages with the second half. The user must first add his other half. In Tuned, this is done […]

Huawei will introduce a new TV – it will be a "killer" LCD

The first OLED TV of the Chinese brand Huawei will soon debut. The TV device boasts a 65-inch screen and a great speaker system. The Smart TV X65 model will be equipped with a 24MP retractable camera installed directly below the screen, and as many as 14 speakers that use the environmental profile in our […]

A nanoplasma device has been created, the speed of which is 100 times the speed of transistors

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL) have developed a nanodevice that is 10 times faster than the fastest modern transistors, and in relation to conventional silicon transistors used in computer chips, they demonstrate 100- multiple advantage in speed. This nanodevice is capable of generating terahertz […]

Lexon Oblio simultaneously charges and disinfects the phone wirelessly

We all often hear that the screen of a smartphone is actually a collection of germs and that there are more bacteria on it than on the toilet seat. Now there is a solution that could fix this problem. The original idea resulted in a small gadget that can be placed on your desktop or […]

Virgin Orbit will mass-produce medical devices to support breathing

Virgin Orbit, managed by Richard Branson, has created new medical devices designed to help healthcare providers fight coronavirus. A device created by Virgin Orbit can help people get ventilation when they lack breathing. The device automatically inflates the so-called outpatient packages, which the rescuers manually compress to pump air into the patient's lungs. This type […]

Code gives Samsung work on a mysterious device

Samsung's mysterious hardware, named Project Zodiac, appeared as a hint in code. What is the Korean manufacturer preparing? Project Zodiac is a code name that can indicate nothing more than the Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone – the successor to the Samsung folding device that was introduced in 2019. All this should use the Qualcomm Snapdragon […]

Redmi launches its first smart display

Redmi has just announced that it will launch its smart display, which is an intelligent display for living quarters. Such screens are devices that are a mix of tablet and smart speaker. Display Redmitouch Screen Speaker 8 in fact is a gadget similar to Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8, which is modeled on Amazon […]

On the ISS discovered the presence of bacteria

It turned out that two types of bacteria were found on board the ISS. They appeared in the water dispenser and were probably there before the device was launched into space. However, they do not pose a greater danger than these microbes on Earth. The International Space Station is a sealed environment, but it turns […]

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