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Americans block Chinese companies creating face recognition systems

28 Chinese companies and organizations are on the American black list. Each of these firms is engaged in the creation and development of face recognition systems. The US administration has banned 28 companies from cooperating with suppliers from the United States. The ruling circles also decided to block the purchase of components necessary for the […]

Tesla Improves Autopilot System

Tesla has acquired a startup that is developing technology that provides autonomous driving. Autopilot in cars of the American manufacturer should become even better. The head of the brand, DeepScale, has posted an update on his LinkedIn account, which indicates that they are currently working for Tesla. The entire deal between the U.S. venture and […]

Hurricanes increase spider aggressiveness

Scientists have found that hurricanes affect the development of aggressive colonies of spiders. Dr. Jonathan Pruitt of the University of California, Santa Barbara examines the environmental impact of tropical cyclones. Pruitt decided to try to take into account weather warnings in order to determine the likely occurrence of hurricanes 2-3 days before they occur. Then […]

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