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Google together with three companies will create a new tool to combat malware in the Play Store

Play Store – along with the App Store – the most popular app store. Unfortunately, there are often blunders from Google, and every day we come across various malicious programs. Now the company has decided to launch a new protection program. Google, through the Defense Alliance app, has partnered with SYMANTEC, Lookout, and Zimperium. The […]

Segway created the first electric mopeds for motocross

What can come from the combination of a mountain bike, sports bike and electric motor? The American company Segway decided to answer this question. Known so far for its electric scooters, Segway has decided to present the world with slightly wider projects. We are talking about two models of electric mopeds, specially designed for use […]

Lebanese authorities may tax Whatsapp

VoIP Internet telephony is today a truly powerful alternative to traditional cellular networks. The Lebanese government, which is struggling with economic problems, has decided to use this fact. The Lebanese VoIP telephony user base shows that 3.5 million people use it. This is due to the fact that the services of mobile operators are simply […]

The Germans will allow Huawei to put 5G in their devices

Huawei is still at the very center of the struggle between the United States and China, but Germany has decided not to listen to the US arguments. It is worth adding that similar information appeared earlier – the United States has long been pressuring other countries, including Germany, to stop cooperation with Huawei. Now it […]

Instagram with better data access control through other apps

Instagram decided to tackle the problem of access to data that various applications receive. In the popular application, a new section has been added in the settings. There you can find an access point to data from Instagram. If you use Instagram, you probably want to know what specific programs have access to your account. […]

Boeing will invest millions of dollars in space tourism

Boeing strongly believes in the future of space tourism and has decided to make a large investment in Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson. We also know that NASA plans to open the International Space Station for tourists, and the first private flights are planned in 2020. The company, owned by Richard Branson, will receive […]

Samsung is once again surprising. Galaxy S7 will receive a new update!

Three years ago, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has just received another update, which proves that Samsung is engaged in improving old models. The new corrections for the Galaxy S7 are extremely important because the Korean developer decided to remove this model from the list for regular updates. Some time ago, the Korean manufacturer decided to […]

YouTube changes channel verification policies

YouTube decided to take the badges from YouTube, which previously marked their channels as “confirmed”. YouTube does this with channels that do not meet the new requirements. The service now decides which profiles will have the coveted “tick”. It is worth noting that now any user who has shown the documents will not be able […]

A car capable of driving an unlimited distance

In the era of rapid development of emission-free cars, the biggest problem is their driving range. Tesla is still working on optimizing its batteries, and Toyota decided to implement another idea. As can be seen from the article on the pages of the LA Times, Toyota, in collaboration with the Japanese technology development organization and […]

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