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CES 2020: Samsung's covert display of a laptop with a sliding screen

According to Korean media reports, Samsung has shown an unusual laptop behind closed doors at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is a laptop with a sliding screen, which was patented in December 2018. At exhibitions, manufacturers often present prototypes that do not necessarily wait for market entry. Some inventions are not ready enough to be […]

Audi at CES: smart cars and head-up display with 3D

A German manufacturer from Ingolstadt appeared at CES 2020. Audi introduced several solutions that can be implemented in the interior of cars in the future. One of the main attractions is the drone car Audi AI: ME. This is not a model designed for mass production, but only a vision of a city car of […]

Firefox will allow users to delete all data

Firefox collects some user data, although Mozilla claims that there are relatively few. It became known that soon everyone will be able to delete the information collected so far. It will be possible as early as January 7th and on that day Firefox will receive an update. Mozilla assures that it is already collecting very […]

Gas stations are becoming a new target for hackers: Visa warns customers about possible thefts

Visa issued an official warning to customers stating that scammers had chosen a new target for large-scale hacker attacks, this time it was gas stations. Fraudsters try to steal payment card data, and they do it using a rather complicated algorithm. To do this, they use all the networks of gas stations to which malicious […]

Avast acknowledges that antivirus collects and sells user data

The Avast CEO has confirmed that the expansion of the company collects data about users on the network. He told a little about what happens to the information received later and how it is processed. Avast antivirus is one of the most popular in the world. Especially its free version. As we know, in particular, […]

iPhone 11 Pro allows you to transfer user location data despite the corresponding services disabled in the device

On Apple phones, users can manually turn off location tracking for all applications, and this can also be done at the system level. Unfortunately, as it turns out, even despite disabling the collection of this kind of data, the phone can collect them. It was discovered that if geolocation services were manually turned off manually […]

TikTok sued for sending user data to China

This application is increasingly discussed in the media. This time it’s not about a new function in the market, but about a lawsuit, according to which TikTok will collect and send data to Chinese servers. According to various reports, American users of the TikTok application stated that, thanks to various mechanisms, the application can send […]

Marine animals will help you make detailed maps of the bottom of the oceans.

Turtles and other marine species of animals can be invaluable in mapping the bottom of the oceans. According to scientists who monitor the oceans around the world, it is not necessary to create sophisticated equipment or conduct expensive expeditions to explore the ocean depths. You can simply use a wide range of marine animals and […]

US President wants Apple to take part in 5G network construction in USA

Donald Trump visited a branch in Austin this week where Apple will produce new MacPro computers. Then he posted on Twitter a message in which he wrote that he would like to see Apple participate in the construction of the American 5G network. The US President believes that the company Tim Cook has all the […]

Caution, Fake Windows Update Messages: Hackers Can Encrypt Data

New hacker attacks began, which became very dangerous for all users of the 10 operating system. The fact is that hackers send false messages about the need to install updates for Windows. In fact, the application contains a file that installs a formidable virus. It is this virus that encrypts the data on the computer’s […]

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