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Sony wants to change the world of photography with this small device.

Sony Corporation announced the introduction of two models of “smart” video sensors, which are the first in the world type matrix with a processing function based on artificial intelligence among image converters. The introduction of the AI ​​processing function in the image sensor itself ensures fast processing of Edge AI and selection of only the […]

Free internet from Facebook in some countries. Special application launched

Facebook is moving forward with an exciting new initiative targeting developing countries. This is a special application Discover, which allows you to browse the Internet for free. The application is already available for first comers. According to Facebook, the Discover app was created based on the Free Basics initiative, available in 55 countries. The application […]

It turned out that you can steal data from a computer through a power supply

Computer attacks can take really bizarre forms. Recently, researchers from the Israeli Ben-Gurion University proved that it is possible to carry out an attack using a fan from a power supply. Mordechai Guri from the Cybersecurity Research Center at Ben-Gurion University in Israel managed to develop an attack that could steal data from a computer […]

Google Meet free version – wants to compete with Zoom

Google has made its Meet platform available to everyone. This is the way the American manufacturer struggles with its largest competitor, the Zoom program. Until now, Google Meet has been offered as a premium service, but the American company is definitely looking to take on part of the currently popular video conferencing market. The official […]

Xiaomi is working on an inexpensive gadget that revolutionizes the TV

Recent data indicate that Xiaomi can work on its own smart set-top box for the TV. According to available information, this accessory is called Mi TV Stick. Xiaomi will develop its own set-top box, which will use Android TV. The device will work almost the same as Chromecast and other similar solutions, however, it will […]

A planet similar to Earth has been discovered. At first she was overlooked. The culprit is found and this is .. not a man

Scientists have discovered a new exoplanet that can be in the ecosphere, that is, in the space around the star, which allows the formation of life. Interestingly, the Kepler-1649c planet was initially overlooked. Despite the fact that the Kepler space telescope has already served its purpose, the data collected by him is still analyzed by […]

A prototype of a communication system capable of theoretically transmitting data at a speed of 10 terabits per second

A group of scientists and engineers from Brown University has developed a prototype communications system that, in theory, can transmit data at 10 terabits per second, which is hundreds or thousands of times faster than the speed of your home Internet. This achievement was made possible thanks to a dramatic increase in the carrier frequency […]

Lynk first implemented technology for direct data exchange between a satellite and a conventional mobile phone

An ordinary text message today is the most ordinary thing that has nothing to do with the latest advances in communication technology. However, the rather young company Lynk radically changed the above statement, it was the first who managed to send text messages from a satellite in low Earth orbit directly to a regular mobile […]

One of the satellite galaxies may be responsible for the shape of the Milky Way

Many stars of the Milky Way are located in a certain area of ​​space occupied by the spiral arms of our galaxy. It has recently been discovered that this sheath is slightly convex around the edges. Recent evidence suggests that this may be due to recent or even continuous interaction with a nearby galaxy. Using […]

Android has a serious vulnerability in using Bluetooth

BlueFrag, the so-called new threat, concerns Bluetooth support in Android. Thus, hackers can, at close range, carry out attacks. Then download the malicious code and access the data on the device. The problem occurs in Android 8 and 9. There is already a corresponding amendment. ERNW specialists published information about a new hole in the […]

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