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Apple has created a convertible seat for a car

Although Apple is still a long way from creating its first car, the company is increasingly showing interest in the familiar automotive industry. Recently, an American company filed for approval a patent for a high-tech car seat. His innovation is the variable architecture of the fibers and the use of special rollers that can strain […]

Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Map Creation

Scientists from the MIT Institute and QCRI (Qatar Computing Research Institute) introduced the world an algorithm that can simplify the process of creating maps for drivers. Detailed navigational charts are often indispensable. Accurate display of lanes, bike paths, pedestrian crossings, and even parking lots can help drivers plan their routes based on the full infrastructure […]

Google and ASUS create a credit card-sized computer

A consortium of companies Google and ASUS are working on the development of their new project, the result of which should be the creation of a computer the size of a credit card, and it will be called upon to serve to control artificial intelligence. Until now, the format of the "microscopic computer" in our […]

Americans block Chinese companies creating face recognition systems

28 Chinese companies and organizations are on the American black list. Each of these firms is engaged in the creation and development of face recognition systems. The US administration has banned 28 companies from cooperating with suppliers from the United States. The ruling circles also decided to block the purchase of components necessary for the […]

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