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The recently discovered exoplanet shows: humanity still knows too little about planet formation

GJ3512b is an exoplanet that is located about 30 light years from our Earth. This is a gas giant that spins around a red dwarf. The new planet is interesting because it is one of the largest, which is in a system with a small star and has a wide orbit. Scientists cannot explain how […]

A tiny nanolaser is created that can work inside the tissues of living organisms.

Scientists from Northwestern and Columbia Universities have developed a new type of tiny laser, which is fully biocompatible and, as a result, is able to work inside the tissues of living organisms without harming them. This laser has a size of only 150 nanometers and needs a very small amount of energy, based on it […]

A new form of silver has been created, the strength of which exceeds the theoretical limit

When it comes to the properties of various metals, there is always a trade-off between their strength and electrical conductivity. However, this may change with the advent of a new class of materials, such as the shape of silver, recently created by one of the research groups. Taking advantage of defects in the crystal lattice, […]

Researchers have created a "live" 3D display

This may sound surprising, but in the nature surrounding us there are examples of live "three-dimensional displays." Consider, for example, cephalopods, which include squid and octopus. These creatures are able to change their shape, structure, texture and surface color, practically merging and becoming "invisible" in the environment. And recently, researchers from the universities of Iowa […]

Scientists first created a unique quantum entanglement, W-state, in which three photons are involved

Researchers from the University of Illinois and other academic institutions first created a state of quantum entanglement in which three photons are involved. This would not be surprising if this state were not a unique special combination called the W state, in which the loss of one of the three photons does not lead to […]

Created a new material, which is the “blackest” among other black materials

On the pages of our site we talked about material called Vantablack, which for quite some time was considered the blackest material in the world. But recently, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created new material that they claim is at least 10 times blacker than any other similar material available today. Unusual […]

New hybrid microrobots created using muscles, neurons and light

Tiny robots with a soft body can successfully fulfill their tasks by acting inside biological objects, including the human body. Despite a lot of research in this direction, ensuring the possibility of microrobots for independent and meaningful movement remains a difficult task, in solving which developers are faced with a number of problems. Researchers from […]

Tokamak Energy has created electromagnets with superconducting windings that produce a field of 24.4 Tesla

Engineers at Tokamak Energy have succeeded in creating new electromagnets with high-temperature superconducting windings that can generate a magnetic field with a record force of 24.4 Tesla for such magnets. Magnet windings are made of REBCO (Rare Earth – Barium – Copper Oxide) material, from which HTS produces tapes. The package of the winding, with […]

A quantum microphone capable of “hearing” individual sound particles has been created.

Physicists at Stanford University have created a device that can be called the term “quantum microphone,” whose sensitivity is high enough to measure the parameters of individual sound particles called phonons. This new device can become the basis for new types of quantum sensors, various transducers and an information storage device for future quantum computers. […]

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