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Artificial neurons are created that imitate the work of living neurons as efficiently as possible.

An international group of researchers has made a breakthrough, which is the logical conclusion of decades of research and work on the creation of artificial analogues of neurons. The neurons created by these researchers imitate the work of living neurons as accurately as possible, and this development takes us one step closer to the effective […]

Puma created sneakers for gamers

Puma knows that every sport needs the right accessories. E-athletes who still feel that their shoes are not suitable for the corresponding activity can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The German manufacturer of shoes and sportswear, Puma, has prepared special shoes for them for indoor use. Their designers convince that they provide comfort, grip […]

Honda introduced an innovative steering wheel

At the upcoming CES 2020 in Vegas, Honda wants to introduce cutting-edge solutions for the cars of the future. One of them is a steering wheel prototype designed specifically for autonomous cars. Although the Japanese manufacturer believes that the release of the driver from direct control is the most important issue for the future automotive […]

In Mexico, a village created using 3D printers

Last week, an industrial 3D printer delivered two homes in a poor part of Mexico. This part of the program for the settlement of settlements using 3D printing is no longer as prototypes, but ordinary residential buildings. The Tabasco region in Mexico, firstly, is very poor, and secondly, it is vulnerable to terrible earthquakes due […]

The first commercial electric aircraft made a successful test flight

Harbor Air conducted a successful test flight on an eBeaver electric airplane. The design is based on a version of the aircraft originally created in 1948. eBeaver is a highly modified version of the legendary DCH-2 Beaver. The aircraft uses an electric engine with a capacity of 750 horsepower. Harbor Air has announced a partnership […]

An application that allows you to look at the world from the point of view of a dog, insect or fish

Scientists have created software called micaToolbox V2 & QCPA that can modify any photo from your smartphone or digital camera into the image that they see bees, fish or mammals. Scientists have created free open source software that will allow you to get a realistic simulation of the image, viewed from the point of view […]

A cheap smoke filter device was created. The project was developed by MIT engineers

Specialists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an interesting device that can help combat climate change. Inexpensive equipment is used to capture carbon dioxide, which is transported to the atmosphere. MIT engineers have created a very interesting carbon dioxide capture device that affects climate warming. Existing methods require the use of […]

Holographic images are created that you can see, hear and feel.

Taking into account the amount of research and achievements in this direction, holographic three-dimensional displays should become a fairly ordinary thing in the very near future. One of these achievements is the work of researchers from the University of Sussex (University of Sussex), who have developed a technology for creating animated 3D holograms that are […]

Scientists have created a unique metal that floats on water

Scientists from a private research university in the United States, located in Rochester, have created a special metal that can float on water. In fact, researchers from the University of Rochester have just created a metal with lasers that floats on water. This is a revolutionary discovery that will allow in the future to create […]

Segway created the first electric mopeds for motocross

What can come from the combination of a mountain bike, sports bike and electric motor? The American company Segway decided to answer this question. Known so far for its electric scooters, Segway has decided to present the world with slightly wider projects. We are talking about two models of electric mopeds, specially designed for use […]

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