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Skype presents Meet Now. Calls without logging in

Due to the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the number of video links has increased significantly. One of the applications with such features, of course, is Skype. Now this program has received a new feature that will allow you to connect to other people even faster. The hit of the last weeks was the Zoom program, […]

NASA's supersonic aircraft will use parts borrowed from the military

NASA and Lockheed Martin are working on a new supersonic aircraft. The X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Transport will use materials derived from older military models. In order to reduce production costs of the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Transport, the agency seeks and uses parts from other military structures. There will be some very famous details on board […]

Scientists can use durian fruits to create supercapacitors

Scientific research sometimes deals with things that we would not expect to see in the context of technology. This is the case with the most smelly fruit in the world, which can be good material for creating supercapacitors. Durian is an extremely interesting fruit – on the one hand, it is considered almost a royal […]

US works on more advanced face recognition

Thanks to machine learning, the U.S. Army can use advanced face recognition technology. According to New Scientist, the US military is funding the creation of a portable face recognition device that can identify people from a distance of 1 kilometer. None of the technologies currently available work in such an advanced way. The project was […]

Hans Zimmer makes the sound for BMW electric cars

Electric cars are almost silent, so they should be equipped with artificially created sounds. BMW collaborates with Hans Zimmer to create these sounds. Electric vehicles, in accordance with EU law, are required to produce a louder sound, reminiscent of engine operation. The reason is the notification of pedestrians and other road users about a riding […]

Lenovo promises to create a phone that will beat 600,000 points in AnTuTu

Phones for gamers, by definition, must be the most powerful and most effective. Lenovo ambitiously promises that their new model will improve the current AnTuTu record and break the barrier of 600 thousand points. In late December, it became known that Lenovo is preparing its own phone for gamers. The first harbinger of this swallow […]

A special network of drones will warn against natural disasters

Scientists have developed a special communications system using network-connected drones to prevent natural disasters. The system involves the creation of a whole "grid" of patrol drones, which, thanks to appropriate sensors and communication among themselves, will be able to respond quite early to an impending threat. The most important issue in creating a system is […]

The Japanese are building an 18-meter robot

Fashion for giant robots in the land of the rising sun has gone a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is there that they are going to create the first, almost 20-meter robot, which … will be able to move by itself. The fur should weigh more than 25 tons and at […]

Bacteria can create flower-like patterns.

Scientists have discovered that bacteria growing in a petri dish form patterns that look like flowers. How is this possible? Bacteria do not grow by chance. The growth of Escherichia coli is slow but steady. In turn, Acinetobacter baylyi bacteria grow evenly in all directions until they cover the entire Petri dish within 24 hours. […]

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