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Dot Mini – tablet for the blind and visually impaired

Voice assistants have made contactless control of a smartphone or searching for information on the network much easier. Thanks to them, the blind can also take advantage of the Internet, but not in every situation voice commands work. Startup Dot showed up on a CES tablet, which instead of the screen has retractable tabs for […]

Samsung Vtouch – a new, non-contact way to control devices

Before the CES exhibition, the Korean manufacturer opened the veil of secrecy. Vtouch is a new, non-contact interface that could be integrated into a range of electronic devices in the future. Vtouch is Samsung's idea that makes it even more convenient to use electronics. Many modern electronic devices are serviced by touch. But it is […]

Google and ASUS create a credit card-sized computer

A consortium of companies Google and ASUS are working on the development of their new project, the result of which should be the creation of a computer the size of a credit card, and it will be called upon to serve to control artificial intelligence. Until now, the format of the "microscopic computer" in our […]

Microsoft has developed a new technology that allows you to control 50 thousand qubits with a simple three-wire circuit

Representatives of Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Quantum Lab, located within the walls of the University of Sydney, Australia, has made significant progress in the field of technology for monitoring and controlling qubits, the "building blocks" of quantum computing and communication systems. The technology they developed was already embodied in the form of a CMOS […]

DARPA develops thought-driven military drones

The Pentagon plans to develop a technology that would control drones with the help of thought. The new idea is focused on the soldier and can become an extremely deadly weapon. The program, funded by DARPA, is run by a neurologist, Dr. Ala Emondi, and was launched in March 2018. Its main task is to […]

Lexus will present its vision of electrification

The Japanese brand presented its vision of a new generation of electrified vehicles. Its prototype is the Lexus LF-30 Concept. The LF-30 concept combines a truly artistic and futuristic form, both in the exterior and interior. According to the manufacturer – the appearance of the car was to visually express "energy". At first glance, the […]

Instagram with better data access control through other apps

Instagram decided to tackle the problem of access to data that various applications receive. In the popular application, a new section has been added in the settings. There you can find an access point to data from Instagram. If you use Instagram, you probably want to know what specific programs have access to your account. […]

Physicists have learned to create and control crystals of light

Physicists have long developed special optical resonators capable of converting laser light into ultrashort pulses moving around the circumference of these resonators. Moreover, these pulses, called "dissipative Kerr solitons", can "multiply" inside the resonator, the shape of which determines the shape and other parameters of the light pulses. When solitons leave the limits of the […]

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