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Redmi K30 will receive a camera with a resolution of 64 MP!

Xiaomi has confirmed the use of the latest Sony IMX686 sensor in the Redmi K30. The smartphone will take pictures with a resolution of 64 MP, which will positively affect excellent detail and a high place in the ranking of photo smartphones. What else do you need to know about the Redmi K30? 64 million […]

Physicists have confirmed the receipt of additional evidence of the existence of the fifth kind of fundamental forces

Everything in our Universe is held together or moves due to four types of fundamental forces – the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear interactions. But physicists have long had suspicions about the existence of the fifth kind of fundamental force, supported by evidence and justified by calculations. And recently, scientists from the […]

Redmi K30 – premiere and sales coming soon!

Xiaomi CEO, confirmed the debut of Redmi K30 as early as next month. After the December release, we can expect the start of sales in January 2020. What is known about the 5G model? It became known that the smartphone will be available for sale in January, it is quite possible that in Russia. It's […]

New measurements of the proton radius confirmed the results of previous measurements and became the key to unraveling the mystery of 10 years ago

New high-precision measurements of proton sizes have shown the reliability of the results obtained a little earlier this year, and indicate that the mystery of 10 years ago associated with this value can have a reliable solution. Proton, perhaps the most important particle in the world around us, it is one of the three components […]

Scientists have confirmed the existence of another "neutron magic number"

An international group of scientists, which included scientists from the University of Hong Kong, the RIKEN Institute (Japan) and the CEA Institute (France), showed that the number 34 is another of a series of "neutron magic numbers." Using the RI Beam Factory accelerator (RIBF), these scientists showed that atoms with 34 neutrons have more stability […]

The SkyNet era has already begun: China exports autonomous military drones to the Middle East

China supplies autonomous drones intended for killing to the Middle East. On the website of Defense One, the opinion of US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was published, which confirmed that these armed drones do not require human control. The Chinese company Ziyan sells a helicopter-like drone Blowfish A3, which is equipped with a machine […]

Pixel 4 gets support for the RCS standard: it will eventually replace SMS

Google has just confirmed – the latest Pixel phones, i.e. 4 and 4 XL will receive support for the modern communication standard RCS, which over time can replace popular SMS messages. This information came from one of the directors of Google. Google's senior director of product and design confirmed on Twitter that an update has […]

The "ringing" black hole once again confirmed the correctness of Albert Einstein

According to Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, a large black hole formed after the merger of two black holes should “ring” for some time, sending gravitational waves into space, small distortions of the space-time continuum. And the frequency, phase and other parameters of these gravitational waves are carriers of information about the mass and […]

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