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Cat S32 is a rugged smartphone with 4G and NFC for harsh conditions

At CES in Las Vegas, Bullitt Mobile unveiled the robust and rugged Cat S32 smartphone, designed for harsh environments. Cat’s new phone representative is an entry-level smartphone with unprecedented reliability, the company says. It has a large 4200 mAh battery and a rugged case with IP68 dust and water protection. The phone can be at […]

Xiaomi launches low-cost power bank with handheld function

Xiaomi in its assortment has a wide variety of products, including power bank. The latest model of an external battery is certainly interesting because it has an additional function in the form of a hand warmer, which many Russians might like taking into account our climatic conditions – a long and rather cold autumn-winter period. […]

In space for the first time managed to grow meat

The astronauts at the International Space Station, for the first time, grew meat in the laboratory outside the Earth. To do this, use biological printing from 3D Bioprinting Solutions, which allowed us to create beef steak. It turns out that in space conditions such a process is faster. All kinds of experiments are being conducted […]

Martian bacteria probably moved elsewhere

Life on Mars could survive and adapt to new conditions. This follows from the latest data obtained in the Atacama Desert. It is unlikely that the best place to save life on Mars was the same planet as a million, and even more so a billion years ago. The microbes there were probably supposed to […]

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