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OnePlus confirms: “invisible” camera will go to other smartphones

The camera installed in the OnePlus Concept One smartphone will get to other mobile devices. This information was confirmed by the head of the Chinese company, Pete Lau. In an interview with The Verge, Pete Lau confirmed that OnePlus is going to use its “invisible” camera in other smartphones related to flagship models. True, the […]

Segway Apex – the company showed the concept of an electric motorcycle

Segway is a company known, first of all, for various kinds of gyro scooters. This company decided to get out of its niche and showed the concept of an electric motorcycle. Apex is able to reach 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and its maximum speed is 201 km / h. These are pretty […]

The concept of a "quantum battery" is developed, which completely does not lose charge

Scientists from the universities of Alberta and Toronto, Canada, jointly developed a project for a new quantum battery, which differs from everything else like that in that it absolutely has no leakage of its own, in other words, it does not lose its charge, which can be stored in it for an infinitely long time. […]

Lexus will present its vision of electrification

The Japanese brand presented its vision of a new generation of electrified vehicles. Its prototype is the Lexus LF-30 Concept. The LF-30 concept combines a truly artistic and futuristic form, both in the exterior and interior. According to the manufacturer – the appearance of the car was to visually express "energy". At first glance, the […]

"Sikorsky" showed the concept of a light helicopter Raider X

The Sikorsky concern opened the curtain over the new Raider X helicopter, which was created for light attacks. This happened at the annual U.S. Army Association (AUSA) conference in Washington, DC, where, with Lockheed Martin, the company officially announced its proposal for the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA). The goal of Raider X is to […]

Scania AXL – a robotic truck concept that shows us the future of mining

Without a doubt, the world is moving towards a future in which all cars will be completely self-driving. And confirmation of this is the concept of the truck-robot AXL of the well-known company Scania, which does not even have a driver's cabin and which is intended for use in the mining industry. Note that Scania […]

Toyota unveils new hydrogen car concept

The premiere of the electric Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan in 2014 led Toyota to become the world leader in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The concern is currently working on a new generation of this technologically advanced model. First-generation Mirai has accelerated the growth of awareness in the world of hydrogen technologies and the new opportunities that […]

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