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YouTube challenges TikTok

Owned by Google, YouTube was jealous of the popularity of the TikTok application and now … announces the creation of its own analogue called "Shorts". TikTok was created several years ago in China at the initiative of the Chinese giant ByteDance. The very popular application allows you to publish 15-second video material, usually in combination […]

The Chinese are working on a safe car battery

BYD Auto – A Chinese car company is developing a battery designed to provide safety without sacrificing performance. Electric cars, despite their great popularity, are still an object of concern. All due to repeated stories of battery explosion and ignition of a damaged car. To prevent such events, the Chinese automobile company BYD is developing […]

ZTE 5G a1 ZTG01 will appear in Japan, specifications are disclosed

ZTE has just launched its Axon 11 5G smartphone, and now the company is preparing another phone equipped with a Snapdragon 765G with 5G capabilities. It will be called ZTE a1 ZTG01 and will appear in July, but its specifications have already been disclosed. The phone will have four lenses on the back, located in […]

Microsoft temporarily suspended updating Windows

The giant from Redmond refrains from non-security updates to Windows. All in order to provide the best stability for the period of intensive work of users at home. Recently it became known that Google made a similar decision. The company decided to minimize the update of its Chrome browser so as to interfere with people […]

Samsung temporarily closes its smartphone factory in India to combat the spread of COVID-19

Samsung is forced to temporarily close its second factory due to a COVID outbreak – 19 this time in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It was opened in the summer of 2018 and is currently the largest factory of Samsung smartphones, which can produce up to 120 million units per year. From today, the plant will be […]

Intel shows how its processors are created

Intel shared two interesting videos on its channel, where the company decided to show how its processors are created. The beginning is an idea where a concept is born. Then – various technological processes that are intended for the production of the processor. Before processors go to stores, they have a long way to go. […]

Xiaomi company “took off” on the podium as the third largest manufacturer in the world

Xiaomi has achieved great success, for the first time she managed to enter the top three. Thus, at the moment, the brand is the third largest in the world. Samsung in the first place, Apple in the second, Xiaomi in the third, and Huawei in the fourth. Thus, the list of the largest manufacturers in […]

Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A will appear on March 26, specifications confirmed

Realme introduced the new Narzo series a couple of days ago, and today the company announced that it will launch Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A on March 26 in India. The event will begin at 12:30 Eastern time and will be broadcast live on the official channels of Realme India. In addition to announcing the […]

Micro Mobility Systems revealed two new urban electric vehicles

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems introduced two new urban electric vehicles – Microlino 2.0 and Microlette. It is a mini-car and a mini-bike, which are ideal for use in urban environments, although their price can slightly scare them off. Microlino is a refurbished model that was shown five years ago. In principle, this is […]

Compromising situation for Apple – what is it about?

The American company agreed to pay compensation in the amount of $ 500 million. It is about intentionally reducing the performance of older iPhones in order to artificially extend battery life. This story continues from 2017, when it became clear that the American giant deliberately reduces the performance of its old devices. Initially, the company […]

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