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The company, founded by the brother of Pablo Escobar, wants to sue Ilona Mask

Roberto De Jesus Escobar, that is, the brother of drug boss boss Pablo Escobar and former accountant of the Medellín cartel, announced that he intends to sue Ilona Mask. The 72-year-old Colombian claims that the company Ilona Mask stole from him an idea related to the production and sale of fire throwers. In an interview […]

Instagram and new photo capture features

Instagram is trying to grow and keep up to date. The company is engaged in the processing of webcam applications. Yes, this application may have had problems and mass crashes, but the fact that Instagram is the most popular photo network in the world cannot be denied. Now, a worldwide popular social network is trying […]

Russian technology giant introduced a competitor for TikTok

The Russian company Yandex, which is the developer of the country's most popular search engine, introduced an application called Sloy. Its functionality is largely reminiscent of the capabilities of the extremely popular TikTok. According to representatives of the Russian technological giant, the Sloy application is focused mainly on young fashion lovers, people who want to […]

Google introduces Titan USB-C security key

Google has come to the conclusion that the Titan security key must be accessible to everyone. The new gadget is no different in terms of functionality from the old keys. It is still based on axiom standards, the difference is simply that it has a new interface. Google announced its first security keys in 2018. […]

IOS Safari Can Transfer Data to Tencent Servers

Apple’s Safari web browser, which is located on iOS devices, turns out to be able to send some data to Tencent’s servers. True, this problem does not apply to users from Europe. If you are using an iPhone or ipad, then almost certainly you are also using Safari. This is a web browser built into […]

Dangerous vulnerability in iTunes

Security company Morphisec has discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the computer version of iTunes. It can be used to install ransomware. The problem was found in Bonjour update code. This software, which provides, in particular, the sharing of files, printers, and specifically the iTunes library. Due to an incorrect entry, hackers can use a vulnerable […]

Instagram already has a dark mode and new options for taking photos with filters

Instagram is still developing, and the company has already introduced the dark mode into the application, and now it is engaged in the processing of the webcam, with which we take photos in the application. Instagram announced that the application will wait for the improved module responsible for taking photos and videos. It is worth […]

Xiaomi now has its own mineral water

Xiaomi is the company that is best known for producing relatively inexpensive and high-quality smartphones. However, in recent years, the corporation has grown to an incredible level, and the company is already selling all kinds of products. The company decided to surprise and release a product marked with the Xiaomi logo, which has nothing to […]

Kitty Hawk – New Electric Private Aircraft

Kitty Hawk is supported by the founder of Google introduced its third model of electric aircraft. The HSVD-marked aircraft is 100 times quieter than the helicopter, and it is about a third smaller than the classic Cessny, which makes it a truly mobile device, easy to operate and maintain. Kitty Hawk is capable of generating […]

Oculus creator sells drone ramming other drones

Now the company has shown a special "antidron", the main task of which is to eliminate other drones of this type. Interestingly, we are not talking about any weapons on board, but about … a ram of drones in the air. Of course, the drone will require confirmation from the operator, but it can also […]

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