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Nvidia for the first time in history overtakes Intel in capitalization

Nvidia has become the most valuable chip maker in the United States. For the first time in history, the company's capitalization is greater than Intel. Nvidia’s current valuation is more than $ 3 billion higher than its competitor’s. The price of one auction currently exceeds $ 400. Nvidia has had a very successful stock market […]

Apple still working on iPhone Touch ID

Apple has not used a fingerprint scanner in its phones for some time, it has been replaced by Face ID, that is, by unlocking the phone with a face. However, this does not mean that the company has stopped working on the scanner. Moreover, according to recent rumors, it seems that Apple may even be […]

Will the robo-dolphins save the animals by freeing them from captivity? (video)

Edge Innovations has created a dolphin robot that can help real animals. Edge Innovations is involved in animation and special effects – it has repeatedly helped in films requiring the presence of wild animals in the foreground. After the animal trade ceased after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese aquarium asked the company to create a […]

The longest underwater power cable

The construction of the longest underwater power cable in the world exceeded half. The project is designed to connect electrical networks in the UK and Norway. North Sea Link is responsible for the entire project, which took on the ambitious task of creating the longest power cable located underwater. Initially, the company faced problems associated […]

Hot air balloon fly into space

Space Perspective, the new space tourism company, has announced plans to deliver passengers and cargo to the Earth's stratosphere with a balloon and a special capsule. The Neptune spaceship will deliver up to eight passengers and one pilot to a height of 30.5 km in the Earth’s atmosphere. Such a journey will last 6 hours. […]

Electric Aircraft Racing Doesn't Wait Long (video)

Alauda, ​​an electric aircraft company, may soon launch its own racing series. Airspeeder has received approval from the Australian Office. Airspeeder – the name is the first conceptual motorsport program using aircraft, was developed by the Australian company Alauda. This program is designed to use electric rotary vehicles, driven personally by drivers sitting inside. This […]

The new design for the cabin will make the flight more comfortable

Zephyr Aerospace introduced a new concept, which involves a different use of space in the cabin. This will allow passengers to use the bunk seat, which will also allow to deploy the seats in a horizontal position. Each of those who flew in economy class for several hours, probably thought about how to improve the […]

This company can make the best affordable smartphone in 2020

OnePlus recently announced that the creation of a cheaper smartphone will allow it to return to the right track. According to the Android Central report, the launch of such a mobile device may happen in the near future. In an interview provided by the head of the company, Pete Lau, it says that the brand […]

Amazon forbids police to use their own face recognition technology

Rekognition is an Amazon solution that is used for face recognition. The corporation said that it does not allow the police to use this technology, and it is expected that the changes will take effect over the next year. Amazon wants precise rules to be developed that more accurately define the rules for using Rekognition. […]

Tesla will develop an electric minivan to ride through the tunnel The Boring Company

Soon we should be witnessing the debut of the new Tesla electric car. A minivan for 12 people should serve the route to Ontario Airport, to which a tunnel will be laid, built by another company of Elon Musk – The Boring Company. Tunnel network travel is a solution that has been greatly promoted by […]

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