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The epidemic raises interest in autonomous vehicles

Stay in your homes … Avoid contact with other people … Yes, but you have to live somehow. The coronavirus epidemic and related restrictions have revived the hope of a more rapid introduction of autonomous vehicles, that is, functioning without the participation of drivers. Companies involved in the development of this technology are currently experiencing […]

French companies help doctors with everything they can

French concern Renault leases 300 cars to doctors in connection with the Covid-19 epidemic. The chemical industry increases the production of antibacterial gel to 100 thousand liters per day, the networks transmit food. Renault Group President Jean-Dominic Senard announced on RTL that the company will donate 300 Renault Zoe vehicles to facilitate the movement of […]

Good news for Huawei users.

The US government has once again extended the license of Huawei to trade with American companies. The Chinese have time until May of this year. This is not the first time that the United States has decided to renew a special license for Huawei related to trade with American companies. However, at the moment, Huawei […]

Android Auto will appear on Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Harley-Davidson just announced that all the new motorcycles of this company will receive an interesting addition in the form of integration with Android Auto. Moreover, this also applies to some old models of motorcycles, so here you can connect your smartphone to the infotainment system. Harley-Davidson is the first company to set up Android Auto […]

Tesla Struggles For Changes In European Law Regarding Truck Restrictions

Tesla is set to launch the first batch of its electric trucks this year. However, Tesla Semi is not easy to enter the transport market. This is a difficult and complex industry, and although there are not many electric competitors on the market, obtaining permission will not be easy. Company executives want to prepare the […]

Japanese companies are working on new batteries for hybrid vehicles

Two Japanese companies – Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Industries Corporation – have announced that they will work together on new batteries that will be used in hybrid cars. By the way, it should be borne in mind that cars that are purely electric are only part, because by far the most popular segment that […]

New batteries created to replace up to a thousand conventional batteries

In the US alone, 3 billion batteries are thrown away annually. Other studies show that the average family uses about 50 batteries each year. Lithium-ion batteries still dominate the market and their use is increasing. Meanwhile, they are harmful to the environment. Therefore, many companies come to the conclusion that batteries may be the more […]

Xiaomi is going to go to MWC 2020

The MWC exhibition is approaching. Unfortunately, the events of recent weeks have led to the fact that more and more companies refuse to come to the exhibition. Xiaomi decided, however, to appear with its products. MWC is one of the annual major events related to electronics and new technologies. However, this year a big problem […]

Core i9-10900K – Intel Comet Lake-S flagship processor is becoming less and less mysterious

The Intel Core i9-10900K is the flagship processor of the Comet Lake-S line, which will premiere next year. The processor will consist of 10 cores that will serve 20 threads. In addition, the Core i9-10900K has a TDP of 125 watts. Intel wants to go beyond 8 cores. Comet Lake-S is another Intel platform that […]

Google Package Tracking

The giant from Mountain View announced the introduction of a test mode of a new feature in Google search engines. We are talking about the possibility of tracking packages directly from the search bar. In order for the solution to gain popularity, it is necessary to involve companies that deliver parcels. Tracking packages today is […]

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