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The Chinese army showed a working prototype of an electromagnetic carbine

The People’s Liberation Army of China provided a video demonstrating a working prototype of a futuristic electromagnetic rifle in three different versions: a classic carbine, a pistol, and weapons mounted on a special robot. Armament was first shown to the general public. Chine: La PLA a publié des médias documentant une session de démonstration de […]

Chinese launch their own GPS

The Chinese launched the last of the satellites, which should help the country create its own GPS system, independent of American technology. The network is known as Beidou. Beidou has been operating for almost two decades and is an important step for China's space and technological ambitions. The Chinese GPS is a competitor owned by […]

Problems with Huawei? It's about new smartphones

Due to the rules introduced by the US Department of Commerce and the problems of the Chinese with the fulfillment of orders, Huawei must very quickly overestimate its ability to mass-produce smartphones. Information appearing on the network indicates that the Chinese, in connection with the mentioned situation, will be forced to postpone the launch of […]

Tesla cars with new improvements

American electric cars Tesla Model 3 finally got a wireless charger for phones. Until now, this solution has been available only in the Chinese market. Tesla Model 3 is currently one of the most popular cars of the American brand that produces electric cars. Although the model has been available on the market for almost […]

The Chinese want to build the largest seaplane in the world – tests are underway

The Chinese are developing a new seaplane, which will become the largest aircraft capable of taking off and landing from the surface of the water. This model can also be used in the traditional way – using a concrete strip. After the break caused by the pandemic, the Chinese are returning for further testing. The […]

Xiaomi is preparing a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 165 Hz

Xiaomi is increasingly entering the monitor segment – we will soon see the debut of a new model offering a screen update at 165 Hz. The further plans of the Chinese brand on this topic became known. A few weeks ago, the first Xiaomi monitor, released under the Redmi brand, debuted, but the plans of […]

ZTE is working on a three-part phone

Bendable smartphones have already passed their infancy, but this does not mean that their development is not over. In fact, every brand that enters this market introduces new products. This time, the Chinese ZTE has an interesting idea. Currently, in the world of flexible smartphones, we have two competing trends. The first of these is […]

The Chinese are intensively testing the "cars of the future"

In connection with the preparations for the Winter Games of 2022, an area of ​​100 square kilometers in Beijing will be given for testing autonomous vehicles. The organizers want these to be the most tech games in history. In some limited areas of Beijing, cars without drivers have been driving since December. In May, according […]

Realme is working on a battery that will allow the smartphone to work for more than 40 days without recharging

The recently introduced Realme 6i smartphone boasts a battery with a record capacity of 5000 mAh. All indications are that the Chinese manufacturer is going one step further. The Realme 6i smartphone had a battery with a huge capacity of 5000 mAh. According to the manufacturer, it was supposed to allow the mobile device to […]

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