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Boeing and Porsche build a flying car

Boeing and Porsche said they are working together on an electrically driven conceptual flying vehicle. The American aviation industry group already this year tested a prototype of a flying car for 2-4 passengers, which can cover up to 50 kilometers. It took place several months after competing with Boeing, Airbus, in collaboration with Audi's premium […]

Monster Cars: New Superconducting Electromagnet for Next Generation Collider

We remind our readers that the most powerful particle accelerator today is the Large Hadron Collider, whose ring, 26.7 kilometers in diameter, is located near Geneva, Switzerland. But there are already plans to create a next-generation collider, the Future Circular Collider, whose 100-kilometer ring will be able to accelerate particles to an energy that is […]

Monster Cars: A supercomputer made up of 1060 Raspberry Pi minicomputers

At the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 exhibition, Oracle demonstrated a very unusual thing to visitors – 1,060 Raspberry Pi 3B + minicomputers combined into a single computing cluster, called the Raspberry Pi Supercomputer. In addition to Raspberry Pi mini-computers, other inexpensive components used in a special rack made using a three-dimensional printer were used to create […]

Monster Cars: A 50-kilometer microphone that will “listen” to the flight of the X-59 X-plane supersonic

In the near future, the US space agency NASA is going to conduct the first flights of the next-generation experimental supersonic aircraft X-59, created as part of the Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST) X-plane. To study the features of the flight of this aircraft, NASA experts deployed a vast network of ground-level microphones in the expanses […]

Monster Cars: The E-Dumper is the world's largest electric car that barely needs to recharge batteries.

The Swiss company E-Mining from Heimberg, working together with Empa, University of Bern and NTB Interstaatlicke Hochschule fur Technik Buchs, took an old mining truck and equipped it with an all-electric transmission, thus obtaining the world's largest electric car. Moreover, this car, which was called E-Dumper, has the largest battery pack ever installed on electric […]

Bosch Introduces Electric Stroller

If electric cars, scooters and scooters already ride on the roads, the time has come for further modernization. Bosch offers parents a stroller, thanks to which it will be much easier, in particular, to drive up the mountain. Modern strollers are much lighter than those that were sold several decades ago, but still, along with […]

Tesla drivers locked up in their cars

Yesterday, some Tesla owners in the US were not able to get out of their vehicles when the manufacturer’s application stopped working. In the worst case, I had to wait 3.5 hours for the doors to open. Tesla Model 3 does not have a traditional key. Instead, the car opens with an application in a […]

Monster Cars: The World's Largest Polaroid Camera Made on the Basis of a Sea Container

Someone Brendan Barry, a UK photographer engaged in the creation of widescreen images, as a hobby, he creates cameras from a variety of things that have nothing to do with photography. The brainchild of his latest project, with all confidence, can be called the world's largest polaroid camera, because this camera is made from a […]

Monster Cars: Cerebras is the World's Largest Artificial Intelligence Processor

The young company Cerebras from San Diego, California, USA, introduced what can safely be called the world's largest semiconductor device. This huge processor, with an area of ​​46,225 square millimeters, contains 400 thousand processing cores made using 16 nm technology. The energy consumption of the Cerebras is 15 kW, and its purpose is to move […]

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