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Fiat has prepared an air purification package for its cars

Available in the entire range of Fiat, a new protective package D-Fence, the name of which appeared from a combination of the letter "D" as "Drive", with the word "Fence" (English "fence"). Phonetically, it sounds like “defense,” which means “protection” (from something). This package helps protect and sanitize your car's interior. Its first element is […]

Tesla is working on batteries that will reduce the price of electric cars

Batteries in electric vehicles are responsible not only for light, but also for the entire range of the vehicle. For this reason, such batteries are quite expensive, but this is what Tesla wants to fix. According to Reuters, the company Ilona Mask can work on cheap batteries, which were supposed to debut this year in […]

Volvo will sell cars equipped with LiDAR

The Swedish manufacturer wants to equip all of its vehicles with an integrated LiDAR radar system. The first such cars should go out in 2022. Within 2 years, each of the Volvo models can be equipped with special LiDAR scanning technology. The combination of a laser head with high-quality cameras is one of the most […]

Monster Cars: RP FLIP is a weird research ship that can get upright

The marine research vessel RP FLIP (Reserach Platform FLoating Instrument Platform), which will be discussed now, was built in 1962 and since then has been used as a mobile platform for oceanographic research and testing of various technologies designed for working under water. The main initial goal of the creation of this vessel was the […]

Apple is working on auto-dimming car glass

Tinted windows are nothing new in cars. They can protect our privacy or protect us from sunlight. However, the solution itself, based on specially glued films, has the disadvantage of a permanent effect. Fortunately, Apple was about to solve this problem. From a recently discovered patent it is clear that the company is developing a […]

Video conferencing in Tesla cars?

Tesla electric vehicle owners want to turn their cars into mobile offices. The very idea of ​​the possibility of video conferencing in cars of the American brand was born even before the coronavirus epidemic. Then a certain user praised himself in the forum for the conversation inside the car through the Zoom application. Recently, the […]

The collapse of the foreign market for new cars. This does not apply to one brand!

The Associated Press recalls that the automotive industry accounts for 7% of EU GDP, and the closure of factories or partial production restrictions affected 1.1 million workers in this sector. In March, 1.2 million less cars were produced in Europe than predicted. In Italy, car sales fell 85% this month, in France 72%, and 69% […]

This ambulance bike that will always come to call

Many probably noticed ambulances trying to maneuver in order to get out of the stream of cars and get to the hospital. There are some countries that have a special lane for ambulance, but there are many who do not give way to doctors. During the current pandemic, our streets are mostly empty due to […]

Monster Cars: Top EV Racing & HyperPower is the most powerful electric car that will soon become the fastest.

Our regular readers are aware of the existence of Formula-E races, which are the "electric variant" of Formula-1 races. And now it's time to learn about another form that has received an electric embodiment – drag racing racing. The "first sign" in the electric version of these races was the car created by Top EV […]

The modular Polestar concept that resists all traditional automotive forms

We see many conceptual models of cars and bicycles, but very few designers go beyond this in an effort to improve the rest of the automotive sector. Polestar OnTour is a concept trailer that looks like a car from the future! He conceived with the goal of making loading and unloading a more convenient process […]

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