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CAPRI standalone cars will transport people in UK mall

A new mode of transport will appear in the UK. Customers of one of the shopping centers will now be able to try out special autonomous capsule vehicles that move completely without human control. Cribbs Causeway in Gloucestershire will see a new mode of transport. These will be special autonomous vehicles CAPRI, which were introduced […]

Tesla cars create dangerous situations themselves

The US Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received a motion to recall 500,000 Tesla vehicles due to unexpected vehicle behavior without human intervention. Among them, as examples, there are cases when innovative cars of the American manufacturer, without any external factors of influence, carry out dangerous maneuvers. One of the owners of Tesla claims that […]

Lucid Air – here it is, a worthy competitor for Tesla

After many troubles, the American company showed the production version of its luxurious, electric sedan. Lucid Motors is an American company that became famous in 2016 with the presentation of an original car that can forever change the focus on the electric car market. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, the entire project was in question […]

A robot that alone can handle charging an entire parking lot clogged with electric cars

A few years ago, at an event called Future Mobility Day, Volkswagen Group representatives showed the public a small robot that could charge an electric car by connecting to it and pumping the energy contained in the internal battery into its batteries. And recently, representatives of the automotive giant introduced an updated version of this […]

Audi at CES: smart cars and head-up display with 3D

A German manufacturer from Ingolstadt appeared at CES 2020. Audi introduced several solutions that can be implemented in the interior of cars in the future. One of the main attractions is the drone car Audi AI: ME. This is not a model designed for mass production, but only a vision of a city car of […]

Toyota plans to build a futuristic city for artificial intelligence, robots, and self-driving cars

In his speech at CES 2020, Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation, announced plans to build a futuristic prototype city. This city, already known as Woven City, will be built near Mount Fuji on the territory of the old Toyota production complex in Higashi-Fuji, with an area of ​​about 70 hectares, and this area […]

Monster cars: JCB Fastrac Two – the fastest tractor in the world, 1106 horses under the hood and a speed of up to 250 km / h

Most recently, on the pages of our site, we told our readers about the JCB Fastrac 8000 tractor, which was redone by a team led by the British Guy Martin, and which, having accelerated to a speed of more than 210 kilometers per hour, received an honorable place in the Guinness Book of World Records […]

Technology will verify that you are looking at the road or falling asleep

The European Union is seriously taking on road safety. According to CNN, already in 2022, technology must be applied in new cars that will check how focused the driver is on the road. From the report of the European Commission it follows that more than 30% of road accidents were triggered by the distraction of […]

Volkswagen is developing a robot that will charge an electric car

Volkswagen introduced a prototype robot that acts as a charger for electric cars. Interestingly, the device is able to independently find a parked car, and then connect it to the charging station. The robot has an advanced navigation system based on webcams, sensors and lasers. Volkswagen is thinking more seriously about electric cars. The designed […]

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