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BMW Releases Largest Software Update

In July this year, BMW plans to release the biggest update for its Connected Car system. From now on, all digital services will be installed on new cars. However, their activation will require an additional fee. BMW is increasingly proving that they see the car as a digital platform. The German manufacturer now offers its […]

CarKey will appear in cars

Apple finally launches the long-awaited CarKey feature, which uses NFC technology to unlock and launch the car. Although the idea of ​​replacing the car key with a smartphone is not new, nevertheless, work on the development of this technology has been going on for a long time. Fortunately, Apple has decided to accelerate the pace, […]

Created an electric car, covered with solar panels, with a short charging time (photo and video)

Steve Fambro developed Aptera with the goal of creating a mobile solution that could overcome the most important problems of electric vehicles – range and charging time. The hood, roof and dashboard are covered with solar panels for charging on the go, which extends the range of the car and shortens the charging time when […]

Dyson revealed abandoned electric car design

Many were waiting for the electric car of the British technology company, unfortunately, the brand decided to cancel the project in October last year. Now, however, Dyson reveals details about its appearance and functionality. The electric car, code-named "N526" was supposed to be a seven-seater SUV, reminiscent of modern Range Rover. The impression was made […]

IRIS – a concept electric car that visualizes musical rhythms!

The most interesting thing about IRIS is that designer Arturo Tedeschi used instruments like DJs do with instruments and samplers. “IRIS is the result of a mix of algorithmic design, virtual reality and video games,” Tedeschi says. I see the aesthetics of a DJ with neon lights, and it works – turn up the volume […]

Lexus LC Convertible

The luxury LC Convertible Convertible is the first Lexus with a foldable soft roof. Therefore, the engineers of the brand did not spare efforts to create the best roof for this unique car. The new roof not only gives the LC Convertible silhouette an elegant, sophisticated shape that is directly linked to the LC Coupe […]

No one has done such a presentation of a car before. We offer to see 15 photos of this event

Audi e-tron Sportback debuted in the virtual world. Audi is the first automobile brand to use “Virtual Market 4” as one of the most important and largest VR events in the world featuring brands, products and virtual characters as the platform for the presentation of the new Audi e-tron Sportback. This event, fully deployed in […]

Apple is working on auto-dimming car glass

Tinted windows are nothing new in cars. They can protect our privacy or protect us from sunlight. However, the solution itself, based on specially glued films, has the disadvantage of a permanent effect. Fortunately, Apple was about to solve this problem. From a recently discovered patent it is clear that the company is developing a […]

Monster Cars: Top EV Racing & HyperPower is the most powerful electric car that will soon become the fastest.

Our regular readers are aware of the existence of Formula-E races, which are the "electric variant" of Formula-1 races. And now it's time to learn about another form that has received an electric embodiment – drag racing racing. The "first sign" in the electric version of these races was the car created by Top EV […]

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