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Under the surface of the moon may be gold and other precious metals

A group of specialists from the USA and Canada set a goal to solve the mystery of the strange shortage of precious metals observed in the lunar soil. In their opinion, this may indicate that under the surface of the Silver Ball is a real "Eldorado". Studying the lunar soil, scientists faced an abnormally low […]

Microsoft laughs at Windows Phone and Vista

Microsoft decided to create an interesting commercial in which employees sang about various projects of the company. “Microsoft the Musical” is a new video that has appeared on the giant’s channel from Redmond. This is a funny film in the form of a musical, which was attended by about fifty staff members. The video begins […]

Tattoos increase the risk of heavy metal buildup

It turns out that tattoos can be much more dangerous than we still thought. Even sterile needles can facilitate the entry of heavy metals such as nickel or chromium into the lymph nodes. It has long been known that during tattooing, heavy metal nanoparticles can be introduced into the body. They move throughout the body […]

A gel that speeds up tooth regeneration

Scientists have discovered an innovative way to restore tooth enamel. This technique may be used by dentists in the future to restore cavities. Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects them from caries. Sugar use and poor oral hygiene can cause buildup of plaque and acid-producing bacteria that can damage tooth enamel. […]

Mission to Mars may be a one way ticket

According to the Apollo 15 astronaut, the landing of people on Mars will not happen for another 30 years. And when, finally, it succeeds, there is no certainty that the participants in the mission will return happily. Problems in cosmic radiation. Colonel Alfred M. Warden took part in the Apollo 15 mission. He was a […]

Officially introduced Kirin 990 5G – the latest processor with its own 5G modem

Huawei has finally officially unveiled its latest smartphone chip. This is Kirin 990 5G, which, most likely, will be received by future smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer, including the confirmed Honor V30 5G. The chip is made on the basis of 7 nm + EUV technology, that is, a slightly different lithography than previous chips […]

Google Go accessible to all – the application weighs only 7 MB

Google Go was first divided into two markets. Now the Mountain View giant has announced that Google Go will be another lightweight application available globally. This means that every smartphone user with Android OS version 5.1.1 can download it. Google opened since last December. Unfortunately, initially a small application was only available in Indonesia and […]

What will be the transport in an intelligent city?

Many large cities are becoming more and more “smart”, and their development is associated with evolution in the field of transport. A breakthrough can be brought by technologies such as the 5G network. 5G communication systems will allow you to transfer data faster and more efficiently. Their connection with sensors and devices from the category […]

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