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NASA sends Helga and Zohar into space

One small step of a mannequin can be a big step for humanity. So consider in NASA, in which there are plans to send mannequins into space. In 2020, when NASA launches the Orion spacecraft as part of the Artemis 1 mission, two female mannequins of women will be on board. It turns out that […]

Laser instead of wiper in Tesla

Tesla has patented a laser that cleans glass. The device can be widely used. The company Ilona Mask plans to use laser technology for cleaning glass. At the end of November, the patent documentation of the car manufacturer was published, according to which the laser system should remove dirt from the surface of the glass. […]

Scientists want to save the Great Barrier Reef with underwater speakers

Scientists from the UK and Australia are conducting an experiment that can significantly help rebuild the diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. Due to pollution and climate change, one of the most beautiful underwater places on Earth – the Great Barrier Reef – was largely destroyed. Scientists are looking for various ways to restore its […]

Google Photos with a new feature. This time it's private messages

Google Photos is a popular application that has received a new feature. The company prepares us a chat with the ability to send private messages using instant messaging. Google claims that such an application will help you share photos with loved ones. Now everyone can safely update the installed application and it will finally receive […]

Marine animals will help you make detailed maps of the bottom of the oceans.

Turtles and other marine species of animals can be invaluable in mapping the bottom of the oceans. According to scientists who monitor the oceans around the world, it is not necessary to create sophisticated equipment or conduct expensive expeditions to explore the ocean depths. You can simply use a wide range of marine animals and […]

Xiaomi launches low-cost power bank with handheld function

Xiaomi in its assortment has a wide variety of products, including power bank. The latest model of an external battery is certainly interesting because it has an additional function in the form of a hand warmer, which many Russians might like taking into account our climatic conditions – a long and rather cold autumn-winter period. […]

That's what Samsung's extremely curved displays should look like!

A patent was published on the net depicting Samsung’s idea for extremely curved displays that extend to the edge of smartphone design. This technology will eliminate the volume buttons and the switch, and may soon be in your Galaxy smartphone. Screens with curved edges are a symbol of modern smartphones of an expensive price category, […]

Xiaomi's new smartphone may look like the iPhone 11 Pro and have an additional screen

Xiaomi has the idea of ​​another smartphone that will have several distinctive features – one of them is the layout of the camera, inspired by the new iPhone 11. The new Xiaomi phone surprises with several design elements. Xiaomi is not afraid of revolutionary ideas, which confirms the creation of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Recently, […]

Alpha Monocerotides meteors illuminate the night sky

On the night of February 21-22, we will witness a surprising phenomenon. We are waiting for meteor shower from a swarm of alpha-Monocerotides. Scientists hope that incredible meteorites will be visible in the sky and there will be a lot of them. The phenomenon of meteor shower alpha Monocerotides can be observed in the sky. […]

New version of Apple Music: now provides services for companies, allows public playback of songs

Apple Music has lived up to the new version of its service and now provides its services to business companies. The new service will provide music playlists to corporate brands that can thus acquire rights to play songs for their own purposes. Apple Music for Business is a new service that appears in the offer […]

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