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Windows 98 is now in the browser

Windows 98 has survived to a version in a web browser. The operating system, which was still available on CD, can work on almost any modern computer with Internet access. An interesting project appeared on one of the sites, involving the complete emulation of Windows 98 in a web browser. The system starts by default […]

Want to help train your rover?

If you once dreamed of analyzing stones on Mars, then with the help of an interesting NASA project you can now find a replacement for such emotions. Available in a browser, the AI4Mars app allows you to travel the Red Planet aboard the Curiosity rover to explore the surroundings. The simulation was prepared by NASA's […]

Microsoft provides new Edge browser for … Windows 7

Microsoft began updating Windows 10, which received a new version of the Edge browser. It turned out that the program should also “work” with an older OS, which is no longer officially supported by the American manufacturer. The update, designated as Kb4567409 for Windows, introduces a new version of Edge not only for Windows 8.1 […]

Microsoft Edge with Chromium Available Through Windows Update

Microsoft Edge with Chromium is a web browser that debuted earlier this year. Then the giant from Redmond said that over time, he will begin to share it through the automatic update mechanism. However, initially it was not complete. Microsoft has now begun deploying the program through Windows Update. Microsoft launched the Edge browser with […]

New Opera 68 with integrated Instagram

Those using the Opera web browser are likely to be pleased that the latest version has debuted. The new version of Opera, marked number 68, includes several small improvements, as well as one large, specially designed for the younger generation, chatting on social networks. Among the standard updates, it is worth mentioning the possibility of […]

Apple Music in web version available on any platform

The version of Apple Music running in the browser is out of beta. The service is already available on all popular platforms, which means that it can work on Windows, macOS and Linux. The web version of Apple Music is also compatible with all popular browsers. Apple Music in the web version until recently was […]

Google Chrome 81 Now Available

According to the announcement, Google has made the latest version of its Chrome browser available. The update brings with it, among other things, a new notification system, as well as support for WebXR. Due to the raging epidemic of coronavirus, the technology giant has made changes to the update schedules of its browser. According to […]

Firefox 75 is available. Among the new products, easier access to the most visited sites

Firefox 75 – The latest version of Mozilla browser is now available for download, but so far the list of changes is not available for final editing. The most important new feature is the updated address bar, which gives you quick access to the most visited sites. Firefox 75 waited for the final release, which […]

Firefox Launches New Mobile Browser Version

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox for mobile devices. The program number 4.0 represents a number of new products. The new version of Firefox includes an updated data synchronization system. In addition, the company also introduced the “Password Manager” into the program, which makes it easy to remember data for entering the system. […]

Opera with the new version for Android

Opera launches a new version of the browser in the Play Store – the application was marked with number 56. Opera for Android waited for the new version. Version 56 browser introduces several new features for users. The most important of these is the new reading mode, which allows you to better focus on the […]

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