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Dyson revealed abandoned electric car design

Many were waiting for the electric car of the British technology company, unfortunately, the brand decided to cancel the project in October last year. Now, however, Dyson reveals details about its appearance and functionality. The electric car, code-named "N526" was supposed to be a seven-seater SUV, reminiscent of modern Range Rover. The impression was made […]

Huawei smartphone saved the life of the British. The battery helped

Stories circulating on the Internet about how the Apple Watch saves the lives of users. It turns out that Huawei smartphones can also help, as a resident of Britain was convinced. The Sun reported an accident with a 42-year-old woman. Beth McDermott of Lancaster fell down the stairs and lost consciousness for several days. Recovering, […]

The first British module will deliver a miniature walking robot to the moon in 2021

On October 10, 2019 in London, as part of the New Scientist Live science festival, Pavlo Tanasyuk, the founder and head of Spacebit, shared his company's plans for sending a lander to the moon, which will deliver a miniature walking robot there. If successful, this robot will be the first device to use mechanical limbs […]

A woman allergic to Wi-Fi is something new!

Rosie Gladwell is a 70-year-old British woman who has discovered hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field caused by Wi-Fi networks. Hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field is a disease that affects a very small number of people. And although scientists have not yet been able to confirm such a disease, there are people who feel bad around […]

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