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Astronomers have suggested that the mysterious ninth planet may be a small black hole

We remind our readers that a few years ago a group of scientists of astronomers put forward the theory of the existence of the still undiscovered planet of the solar system, "Planet 9" or "Planet X". This cold planet is located in the depths of space far beyond the orbit of Neptune, and its existence […]

Americans block Chinese companies creating face recognition systems

28 Chinese companies and organizations are on the American black list. Each of these firms is engaged in the creation and development of face recognition systems. The US administration has banned 28 companies from cooperating with suppliers from the United States. The ruling circles also decided to block the purchase of components necessary for the […]

New visualization by NASA scientists lets us take a look at a real black hole

Specialists and scientists from NASA's American space agency recently released a new visualization that shows a black hole surrounded by a brightly glowing distorted disk of heated matter. This animation shows very clearly how the strongest gravitational forces of a black hole distort the light emitted by matter approaching the event horizon, which creates a […]

A black hole in the Solar System instead of the 9th planet?

Another hypothesis has appeared regarding what lies beyond the orbit of Neptune. According to her, there is no next planet, but there is a black hole. The object is 10 centimeters in diameter and weighs 5 times more than our planet. Everyone learned about planet 9 three years ago when Batygin and Brown formulated a […]

Created a new material, which is the “blackest” among other black materials

On the pages of our site we talked about material called Vantablack, which for quite some time was considered the blackest material in the world. But recently, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created new material that they claim is at least 10 times blacker than any other similar material available today. Unusual […]

The "ringing" black hole once again confirmed the correctness of Albert Einstein

According to Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, a large black hole formed after the merger of two black holes should “ring” for some time, sending gravitational waves into space, small distortions of the space-time continuum. And the frequency, phase and other parameters of these gravitational waves are carriers of information about the mass and […]

Astronomers have discovered a black hole, which has become the new champion in mass and size to date

Astronomers from the Max Planck Institute, Germany, along with their colleagues from other countries and scientific organizations, have found a black hole, which has become the new record holder in terms of size and weight today. This black hole is located in the center of the Holm 15A galaxy at a distance of 700 million […]

Astronomers have witnessed the rarest phenomenon – the collision of a black hole and a neutron star

Astronomers engaged in the "hunt" for gravitational waves, with a very high percentage of probability witnessed one of the rarest and most exotic events. On August 14 this year, at 9:10 am GMT, two LIGO gravitational wave sensors in the USA and a Virgo sensor in Italy registered a package of gravitational waves, called S190814bv. […]

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