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Guo World Champion retires – AI is to blame

The AlphaGo artificial intelligence theme, which outperforms humans, has recently reappeared in many media outlets. This time, however, not because of the upcoming matches, but because once the best player in Go stated that he should resign precisely because of AI. Lee Se-Dol was the world champion in Go, who, unfortunately, lost artificial intelligence AlphaGo […]

Gold Edition: Apple Airpods Pro earphones on sale

The Russian company Caviar, specializing in the production of luxury products of popular brands, has introduced a new version of the Apple AirPods Pro headphones, which were plated with gold. They are unique because the manufacturer has prepared only one instance of these popular headphones. The limited edition Apple AirPods Pro is completely plated with […]

The Sony Xperia 1 Professional Edition is the most meaningless update in smartphone history. The model is terribly expensive

The new version of Sony Xperia 1 – Professional Edition – has hit the market. The model received minor updates, but at the same time its price is terrible. There is only one reason why anyone might consider buying a Sony Xperia 1 Professional Edition. A potential buyer should be a professional photographer who is […]

Windows 7 celebrates its 10th anniversary in the market and at the same time reminds of the end of support

Windows 7 is celebrating its tenth birthday. Microsoft introduced the operating system to the market on October 22, 2009, and the software very quickly began to gain popularity. This was caused, in particular, with a fairly successful OS then called Vista. However, Windows 7 will soon die, because Microsoft plans to stop supporting this operating […]

Rwanda will release the first African smartphones

The production of smartphones, it seems, has already been entrenched in Korea, Japan, China and the United States. The map of manufacturers is expanding a bit, because the African state of Rwanda promises the production of mobile devices. It is likely that we will be dealing with the first “made in Africa” telephone. The company […]

Truck Scania AXL no cab needed

No drivers needed because there is no cab. Here is the Scania AXL – a concept car, a truck that will soon replenish the fleet of autonomous cars of this Swedish manufacturer, and now is a harbinger of major changes. Autonomous cars are a topic discussed mainly in the context of buses or passenger cars. […]

Samsung is once again surprising. Galaxy S7 will receive a new update!

Three years ago, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has just received another update, which proves that Samsung is engaged in improving old models. The new corrections for the Galaxy S7 are extremely important because the Korean developer decided to remove this model from the list for regular updates. Some time ago, the Korean manufacturer decided to […]

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