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Xiaomi got a new low-cost smartwatch with a great battery

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit children's Watch 2S is a new inexpensive wristwatch for children. If the manufacturer from Cupertino for some reason decided to launch the Apple Watch in the plastic version for children, then it would look exactly like the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit children's Watch 2S. The watch is protected from water, which is confirmed […]

The world's largest battery will "grow" by 50 percent next year

The world's largest lithium-ion battery, Hornsdale Power Reserve, built by Tesla in South Australia, will be expanded another 50 percent next year. We remind our readers that this power plant was built by Tesla in 2017 in order to solve the problems of existing power grids at the disposal of Neoen. Elon Musk, the founder […]

A new type of battery will allow you to charge an electric car in 10 minutes

The latest versions of Tesla charging stations allow owners of electric cars to quickly return to the road, but we are still very far from the moment when a full recharge of the car’s batteries will at least come close to the time required to fill the tank with liquid fuel. However, breakouts quite often […]

Monster Machines: A huge battery designed for a huge marine container ship

The well-known company Maersk, together with Trident Maritime Systems, created a battery with a capacity of 600 kWh, placed inside a standard sea container of double length, which is designed for installation on huge sea container ships. The construction of the first prototype of such a battery, which is already on its way to its […]

Xiaomi is preparing a stylish, wireless charger for smartphones

Xiaomi has just shown another product – this time it concerns smartphones and their batteries. This is a new wireless charger that has pretty good features and, above all, looks very aesthetically pleasing. The charger has a power of 20 watts and a wireless connection with a smartphone. The product is currently available on the […]

Hybrid HR – smartwatch with an unusual screen and long battery life

The well-known manufacturer of devices Fossil has introduced a new model of hybrid smart watches – Hybrid HR. This equipment is characterized by the use of a well-known program for reading electronic books. I must admit that the new Fossil brand equipment should unite lovers of both classic products and lovers of advanced technologies. Thanks […]

An “ecological” battery has been created that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when charging

A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new method that allows you to extract carbon dioxide from any stream, whether it is air pumped by fans or the chimney outlet of a thermal power plant. The device created on the basis of this method is a specialized battery that […]

Lexus will present its vision of electrification

The Japanese brand presented its vision of a new generation of electrified vehicles. Its prototype is the Lexus LF-30 Concept. The LF-30 concept combines a truly artistic and futuristic form, both in the exterior and interior. According to the manufacturer – the appearance of the car was to visually express "energy". At first glance, the […]

Harley Davidson resumes production of electric motorcycle

Harley Davidson has resumed production of the LiveWire electric motorcycle. An obstacle in creating LiveWire was a problem with charging the battery. Harley Davidson LiveWire is an electric motorcycle that is offered for $ 30,000. Due to a problem with charging the battery, the company was forced to stop production of this model. The manufacturer […]

New lithium carbon dioxide battery lasts up to 500 charge cycles

An intensive search is currently underway for new materials and technologies that can bring modern rechargeable batteries to a whole new level. Due to this, some time ago a technology was found for the production of lithium-carbon dioxide batteries, which, in the future, can provide at least seven times higher energy storage density than modern […]

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