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Oppo Reno Ace – the flagship with ultra-fast charging

For many users, this may be the first trump card in favor of choosing the Oppo Renault Ace. It was equipped with a 4000 mAh battery. According to official information, a full charge using SuperVOOC 2.0 should take only 30 minutes here. After 5 minutes, the battery level will allow you to talk for 6 […]

New lithium carbon dioxide battery lasts up to 500 charge cycles

An intensive search is currently underway for new materials and technologies that can bring modern rechargeable batteries to a whole new level. Due to this, some time ago a technology was found for the production of lithium-carbon dioxide batteries, which, in the future, can provide at least seven times higher energy storage density than modern […]

Kitty Hawk – New Electric Private Aircraft

Kitty Hawk is supported by the founder of Google introduced its third model of electric aircraft. The HSVD-marked aircraft is 100 times quieter than the helicopter, and it is about a third smaller than the classic Cessny, which makes it a truly mobile device, easy to operate and maintain. Kitty Hawk is capable of generating […]

Flagship smartphone DOOGEE S95 Pro officially introduced in Ukraine – triple 48MP camera and 5150 mAh battery

DOOGEE announced the announcement in Ukraine of its new flagship smartphone DOOGEE S95 Pro. This novelty is an improved version of the DOOGEE S90 presented several months ago with four removable modules, where each of them is able to fully replace a separate gadget. Night vision module, additional battery, walkie-talkie and professional gamepad – select […]

Scientists have developed a new type of battery

Indian scientists said they were working on a new type of cell that could soon squeeze classic lithium-ion batteries out of the market. Their advantage should be the low cost of production and eliminate the risk of damage. It is worth noting that the issue of battery explosions is quite relevant recently. Children are now […]

Sharp doomed its flagship smartphone to failure

Sharp Aquos Zero 2 has a unique screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz – a record in the mobile market. It also has a good specification, it looks great, but a weak battery spoils everything. Sharp smartphones are not, as a rule, the most beautiful in the mobile telephony market. They are not […]

Motorola One smartphone coming soon

In the near future we should be witnessing the debut of the new Motorola smartphone – the first information about the One Macro smartphone, which should receive a powerful battery, got on the network. Information about Motorola One Macro comes directly from the Thai NTBC certification agency and the popular benchmarka Geekbench – thanks to […]

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