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Microsoft Teams with the ability to set the background from your own photo

Microsoft Teams is an application that is constantly being improved. The giant from Redmond introduced another novelty, and this time it is connected with the background for video communication. Users can finally install it using their own photo. By the way, the solutions that are available in the free version of Teams have been announced. […]

Users complain again about iOS 13.2

This time we are talking about applications running in the background. IOS-13 users have no peace using this operating system. And this is a rather sad situation. Since the release, many corrections have been introduced and subsequent errors and problems still arise. Now Apple customers are complaining about how the system behaves in relation to […]

Microsoft Edge will get new features soon

Microsoft Edge is constantly evolving. The giant from Redmond has announced features that will be added to the new version of the program. Among the new products is the automatic blocking of video and audio on web pages. Or the ability to personalize a new card with your own background. Program users will receive new […]

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