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Artificial proteins have been created that turn ordinary cells into autonomous "smart cells"

Proteins are organic compounds produced by living cells on the basis of information contained in the DEC, which ensure that the cell performs its basic functions. This mechanism has been perfected by nature throughout the evolutionary path of living organisms, but scientists still find opportunities for its improvement and improvement. Not so long ago, a […]

DeepBlue created an autonomous bus with a panda face

The bus has a very characteristic appearance, its front part is made in the style of a panda. While he rides the streets of Chinese Tianjin, and will soon be tested in Greece and Thailand. Panda bus is the start up from Shanghai. Panda bus is a black and white autonomous ride bus. The driver […]

NASA has activated the atomic clock, which will act as a space GPS

NASA a few weeks ago sent into space atomic clocks that were created specifically for autonomous space flights. A few days ago they were activated, as reported by the American Space Agency. NASA has been working on the Deep Space Atomic Clock project for years. The watch was delivered to the Earth’s orbit and was […]

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