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A nanomotor consisting of only 16 atoms and working on the boundary between classical physics and quantum mechanics has been created

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL), together with their colleagues from other scientific organizations, have created what can be called one of the smallest engines ever made by people. This tiny device consists of only 16 atoms of various chemical elements, and it works, being […]

Monster cars: The largest gearbox with a gear ratio greater than the number of atoms in the universe.

In the household mechanisms around us, such as blenders, washing machines, vehicles, bicycles and cars, we use units called gearboxes, the purpose of which is to increase the torque and simultaneously reduce the speed of rotation from the main engine. Taking the idea of ​​a conventional gear reducer, someone Daniel De Bruin developed it to […]

Scientists have created the most stable quantum silicon chip, based on artificial atoms

Recently, scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, have found a way to stabilize tiny silicon structures called artificial atoms, making them virtually independent of defects in silicon that occur during the manufacturing phase. These artificial atoms are the basis of quantum bits, qubits, the main blocks of any quantum computing and […]

2000 atoms in two places at the same time – a new record in the field of creating a state of quantum superposition

A group of scientists from the University of Vienna and the University of Basel tested the principle of quantum superposition on the largest scale in the entire history of science. Huge complex molecules, consisting of two thousand atoms, were placed in a state of superposition, being, at the same time, in two places at the […]

Scientists managed to capture the motion of matter atoms in 4D format

Scientists have been conducting research for a long time to find out what exactly happens when various materials evaporate, melt and crystallize, in other words, they transfer from one state of matter to another. And recently, the knowledge about the processes occurring during phase transitions was significantly supplemented, thanks to the experiments of scientists from […]

The thinnest optical fiber has been created, the thickness of which is only three atoms

The developers of modern optical devices are doing their best to make these devices smaller and smaller. Their ultimate goal is to create integrated photonic chips, the sizes of which will be comparable to the sizes of ordinary silicon semiconductor chips, which, in turn, should lead to the emergence of computer systems with high speed […]

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