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Astronomers have discovered in the Kepler 51 system the most “soft and fluffy” exoplanet

Not so long ago, scientists astronomers discovered that in the star system of Kepler 51 are three completely unusual exoplanets. The mass of these exoplanets is several times greater than the mass of the Earth, but the smallest of them exceeds the size of Neptune. This allowed scientists to suggest that the tiny rocky core […]

Astronomers have discovered a black hole whose parameters absolutely do not fit into existing theories

Black holes are one of the most mysterious space objects, and scientists have only recently begun to understand how they arise and develop, sometimes gaining a stunning mass that exceeds the mass of the Sun by millions and billions of times. However, with some periodicity, scientists find new black holes that do not fit into […]

Astronomers have found a "missing" neutron star 30 years after a supernova explosion

On February 23, 1987, a supernova explosion, visible with the naked eye, illuminated the night sky. This event gave astronomers a unique opportunity to study supernova explosions, because the previous explosion so close to the Earth occurred more than 400 years ago in 1604. However, astronomers in the recent past did not succeed in detecting […]

Astronomers have discovered the smallest black hole, which is a representative of a new class

In earlier times, it was believed that black holes come in only two "sizes". There are black holes with a mass of 5 to 30 times the mass of the Sun, and at the other end of the scale there were supermassive black holes located in the central regions of galaxies and having a mass […]

Astronomers have recorded the brightest x-ray flash in history

On August 20 this year, the NICER instrument (Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer), installed on the International Space Station, recorded the brightest x-ray flash in history. The source of this outbreak is a pulsar, located at a distance of about ten thousand light years from us. And in 20 seconds this pulsar released as much […]

Astronomers have witnessed a recent collision of two exoplanets

The number of exoplanets, planets orbiting distant stars, significantly exceeds the number of stars themselves, black holes, galaxies and other space objects of larger scales. And if astronomers manage to find traces of collisions of very rare species of stars and black holes, then collisions of exoplanets, leaving behind trails of dusty ruins, should be […]

Astronomers have suggested where and how to find wormholes in our galaxy.

Spatio-temporal wormholes have long been one of the main attributes of science fiction, but can they exist in reality? Surprisingly, the bridge between two remote points of space and time fits quite well with existing physical and cosmological models, although so far no evidence has been obtained of their existence. And now, researchers at the […]

Astronomers have suggested that the mysterious ninth planet may be a small black hole

We remind our readers that a few years ago a group of scientists of astronomers put forward the theory of the existence of the still undiscovered planet of the solar system, "Planet 9" or "Planet X". This cold planet is located in the depths of space far beyond the orbit of Neptune, and its existence […]

Extraterrestrial "mega-construction" is not one in the space surrounding us. Astronomers have found many more stars twinkling in a similar way.

We remind our readers that in 2015, scientists working with data collected by the Kepler space telescope noticed unusual fluctuations in the brightness of the glow of the star KIC 8462852. This star is a fairly common F-type, it is 1.5 times larger and hot than our Sun, and it’s located it is at a […]

The asteroid has changed color in the eyes of astronomers. This is the first such case in history.

Astronomers from the University of Massachusetts can talk about great luck. They observed an unusual phenomenon – an asteroid changed color before their eyes. The asteroid belt, located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, has been the subject of research by astronomers for many years. The objects located in it still bring new discoveries. […]

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