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Alibaba has its own artificial intelligence chip

Huawei is not the only Chinese company to work on its own artificial intelligence chips. Alibaba just showed off the Hanguang 800 – a processor designed for action in the cloud and this is a direct competition for the Huawei chip. Huawei recently showed off its SI chip, called Ascend 910. Now Alibaba, a company […]

Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Heart Disease Problems

The development of artificial intelligence may soon affect our health. Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a system that is able to assess the risk of death due to heart disease. All thanks to the RiskCardio system, which with the help of machine learning can diagnose our condition only with the help of […]

Artificial Intelligence can model quantum systems without requiring massive amounts of computing resources

Modeling quantum computing systems is a computationally difficult task. Everything that happens in the ghostly quantum world obeys unusual laws described by entire systems of complex equations, and with an increase in the number of elements of a quantum system, the number of computational resources required for its modeling increases exponentially. Thus, with the complexity […]

Artificial proteins have been created that turn ordinary cells into autonomous "smart cells"

Proteins are organic compounds produced by living cells on the basis of information contained in the DEC, which ensure that the cell performs its basic functions. This mechanism has been perfected by nature throughout the evolutionary path of living organisms, but scientists still find opportunities for its improvement and improvement. Not so long ago, a […]

Within 3 years, 120 million people may lose their jobs due to AI

According to a study commissioned by IBM, up to 120 million workers from the 12 largest economies in the world will have to retrain or change jobs. This is to blame for artificial intelligence, which is faster and faster replacing people in companies. One way to deal with automation is to constantly train employees. Unfortunately, […]

Artificial Intelligence Helps Recognize Galaxy Mergers

Astronomers use artificial intelligence to search for ancient collisions of galaxies. Bright glows appear in the universe, which are a harbinger of a collision of galaxies. Unfortunately, terrestrial telescopes are not able to distinguish ultra-bright individual distant galaxies from two cosmic objects connecting to each other. Artificial intelligence will help. Since we know how galaxies […]

An artificial tail will help a person maintain balance in any situation.

Such a part of the body as the tail is quite common in the animal kingdom, with its help many living creatures demonstrate miracles of dexterity and can even capture and hold various objects. People, as we know, are deprived of such a body part, and researchers from Keio University, Japan, decided to rectify the […]

Monster Cars: Cerebras is the World's Largest Artificial Intelligence Processor

The young company Cerebras from San Diego, California, USA, introduced what can safely be called the world's largest semiconductor device. This huge processor, with an area of ​​46,225 square millimeters, contains 400 thousand processing cores made using 16 nm technology. The energy consumption of the Cerebras is 15 kW, and its purpose is to move […]

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