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Go Dogo will help you tame your dog and take care of it when the pet is alone in the house

The kit consists of a feed supply unit, a camera, and an application that serves to set up dog training and track pet progress. Go Dogo connects to the phone via Wi-fi and works with Android and iOS systems. The device weighs a little over one and a half kilograms and has 16 centimeters in […]

TikTok sued for sending user data to China

This application is increasingly discussed in the media. This time it’s not about a new function in the market, but about a lawsuit, according to which TikTok will collect and send data to Chinese servers. According to various reports, American users of the TikTok application stated that, thanks to various mechanisms, the application can send […]

Another crash on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Another accident of Zuckerberg services led to the fact that applications simply stopped functioning normally. Users report problems with logging into social networks and difficulties with adding posts. Some time ago, reports began to appear that the Facebook service had stopped working, both in the version for desktop and mobile. Moreover, in addition to Facebook, […]

New devices sold in Russia must have national applications

Russia has adopted a new law, which will enter into force next year. It concerns new devices that will be sold on the territory of the Russian Federation: telephones, computers and televisions. All these items will have pre-installed Russian applications. Otherwise, they will not be allowed for sale. Russia believes that in this way it […]

Global crash on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Applications do not work in Europe

At around 3 a.m. Moscow time, there was a major crash on Facebook. People could not enter the site on either PC or mobile devices. Unfortunately, the crash also affected Instagram. The problems coincided with the fact that Instagram launched service updates. After people began to update the application (and for some users the update […]

Google Play will automatically play the video in the application description

Google Play offers access to a list of all applications and games. After reviewing the descriptions of programs and games on Google Play, you can also find videos. Currently, if you want to see them, you need to touch the video, and this leads to the fact that the video plays. Unfortunately, these videos will […]

Apple removes e-cigarette processing apps from App Store

Recently, more and more questions have been raised regarding electronic cigarettes. Disputes are underway regarding the impact of electronic cigarettes on human health. Apple joins this group, which has removed about 200 e-cigarette apps from the App Store. It is worth recalling that for a long time already electronic cigarettes appeared as a healthier alternative […]

Google together with three companies will create a new tool to combat malware in the Play Store

Play Store – along with the App Store – the most popular app store. Unfortunately, there are often blunders from Google, and every day we come across various malicious programs. Now the company has decided to launch a new protection program. Google, through the Defense Alliance app, has partnered with SYMANTEC, Lookout, and Zimperium. The […]

Instagram expands its application

Instagram plans to hide the likes counter under various entries, which many users of the application do not like. The company, however, is adamant and next week will expand the pilot program with such a “function” in the United States. Instagram wants to see how such a change will affect the emotions of users of […]

Dangerous vulnerabilities found in ASUS routers

Specialists from the vpnMentor website reported on the detection of potentially dangerous vulnerabilities in routers manufactured by ASUS. The problems are related to one of the network applications that is used to service the device. Security issues with ASUS routers are related to the AsusWRT application. This is a program that serves to quickly install […]

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