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Go Dogo will help you tame your dog and take care of it when the pet is alone in the house

The kit consists of a feed supply unit, a camera, and an application that serves to set up dog training and track pet progress. Go Dogo connects to the phone via Wi-fi and works with Android and iOS systems. The device weighs a little over one and a half kilograms and has 16 centimeters in […]

TikTok can go on sale

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, checks various scenarios in the light of an alleged threat to national security. A company may even want to sell someone an extremely popular application. TikTok has long been one of the most popular applications in general, and, of course, a tycoon on iOS. Some time ago, the United […]

WizzAir introduces automatic online check-in for passengers

WizzAir is one of the most popular low cost airlines in Europe. These lines have now introduced a new service that can help you check in at the airport faster without first applying in the app. The service, unfortunately, will not be free. What are you talking about? This is an automatic registration option. It […]

An application that allows you to look at the world from the point of view of a dog, insect or fish

Scientists have created software called micaToolbox V2 & QCPA that can modify any photo from your smartphone or digital camera into the image that they see bees, fish or mammals. Scientists have created free open source software that will allow you to get a realistic simulation of the image, viewed from the point of view […]

Santa Claus route now on Google

Santa’s route will appear in the Google app, which many of us are familiar with and, of course, those who have children. Let's see what's new in the application. Santa's route to Google is an application that updates the giant with Moutainview every year. Google this year decided to introduce a new design in a […]

Laser instead of wiper in Tesla

Tesla has patented a laser that cleans glass. The device can be widely used. The company Ilona Mask plans to use laser technology for cleaning glass. At the end of November, the patent documentation of the car manufacturer was published, according to which the laser system should remove dirt from the surface of the glass. […]

TikTok sued for sending user data to China

This application is increasingly discussed in the media. This time it’s not about a new function in the market, but about a lawsuit, according to which TikTok will collect and send data to Chinese servers. According to various reports, American users of the TikTok application stated that, thanks to various mechanisms, the application can send […]

Google Photos with a new feature. This time it's private messages

Google Photos is a popular application that has received a new feature. The company prepares us a chat with the ability to send private messages using instant messaging. Google claims that such an application will help you share photos with loved ones. Now everyone can safely update the installed application and it will finally receive […]

Caution, Fake Windows Update Messages: Hackers Can Encrypt Data

New hacker attacks began, which became very dangerous for all users of the 10 operating system. The fact is that hackers send false messages about the need to install updates for Windows. In fact, the application contains a file that installs a formidable virus. It is this virus that encrypts the data on the computer’s […]

Intellectual Rubik's Cube already in Europe: study and rivalry through the application in the smartphone

GiiKER Super Cube i3SE looks like any other rubik's cube available in stores. And this can also be applied, but … its main functions, the new Rubik's Cube performs only when using a specialized application installed on a smartphone. The toy supports Bluetooth 4.0 for communication with a mobile device, which opens up new opportunities […]

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