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Fujifilm provides an application that turns cameras into webcams

Fujifilm has released new software that allows you to turn some mirrorless cameras into webcams. Everything should work quickly and with a minimal configuration. Fujifilm has released the Fujifilm X Webcam application, which works via a USB port and allows you to turn the camera into a kind of webcam. This will allow users to […]

CatchUp – Facebook's new phone call application

The tech giant is testing a new application called CatchUp. Unlike Messenger, it is designed for phone calls only. Although there is no shortage of such solutions on the market, the CatchUp application should stand out thanks to the ability to configure its “availability”. Everyone who has logged in to the application will be able […]

Free internet from Facebook in some countries. Special application launched

Facebook is moving forward with an exciting new initiative targeting developing countries. This is a special application Discover, which allows you to browse the Internet for free. The application is already available for first comers. According to Facebook, the Discover app was created based on the Free Basics initiative, available in 55 countries. The application […]

Google Drive with Face ID and Touch ID support

Google Drive in the mobile version of iOS has received an important improvement. From this moment, the biometric security option will appear, that is, Face ID and Touch ID, with which we will protect your files. The principle of operation is simple. As soon as we open the Google Drive application on iOS or switch […]

New Messenger Emojis

The popular communicator decided to remind us how important it is to take care of ourselves in these difficult times. To do this, he introduced new “reactions” to his Messenger application. Facebook recognizes how important instant messaging has become in an era of limited interpersonal contact. It is for this reason that he decided to […]

iOS 14 allows you to run applications without having to install them

iOS 14 is this year's iPhone software update to be announced during WWDC. New rumors about the system appeared on the Internet. It became known that a novelty codenamed Clips will be introduced. Now the user will be able to run applications without having to install them. Google previously allowed Android applications to run applications […]

Tuned – introduced a new Facebook application. This is a device designed for couples.

Tuned is a new application from Facebook, which is available only to users of iOS devices and is designed for couples. The novelty is a kind of diary that allows you to share notes, photos or voice messages with the second half. The user must first add his other half. In Tuned, this is done […]

Facebook launches messenger app for macOS and Windows

Facebook launches the official messenger app. People with computers running Windows or macOS will be able to use it. The Facebook Messenger app is a standalone messenger that can work independently of a web browser. Facebook said last month that there has been a one hundred percent increase in the number of people using the […]

News Bar – Microsoft has created a very interesting news application for Windows 10

News Bar is a new application that Microsoft has currently translated into beta tests and therefore is not yet available in all markets. However, we have his screenshots, and we can see what it will offer. News Bar – presents the news in a very interesting way. The news panel can be docked to the […]

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