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The new version of iOS with an annoying bug. Popular service causes battery drain

Users of Apple smartphones running iOS version 13.5.1 are faced with an unpleasant problem that interferes with the proper functioning of the device. We are talking about excessive battery consumption when using Apple Music. Users of iPhones equipped with iOS version 13.5.1 report a rather unusual problem caused by the latest update to this system. […]

Apple still working on iPhone Touch ID

Apple has not used a fingerprint scanner in its phones for some time, it has been replaced by Face ID, that is, by unlocking the phone with a face. However, this does not mean that the company has stopped working on the scanner. Moreover, according to recent rumors, it seems that Apple may even be […]

Incredible, magical gadget from Apple! You have not seen this before (10 photos + 2 videos)

CheerPod is the natural evolution of the mouse. The novelty allows you to do the same as with a conventional mouse, but it also allows you to do much more! CheerPod works not only with your computer, but also with your tablet, phone and even a projector. It functions like a mouse, trackpad, remote control […]

Apple Analyst Opinion: New iPhone without adapter and AirPods

Min-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst who often speaks about Apple, has just announced that the Cupertino-based company will no longer add an adapter and EarPods to the smartphone. Recently, a statement by Min-Chi Kuo, an analyst whose assumptions were often justified, appeared on the network. This time we are talking about the power adapter and […]

Apple may release iPhone 12 4G

Recent reports suggest that Apple may release two iPhone 12 models that will support the 4G network standard. They will appear on the market if only because many states are just beginning to introduce this standard. According to analyst Daniel Ives, the two iPhone 12 models will be 4G, and the rest will be 5G. […]

CarKey will appear in cars

Apple finally launches the long-awaited CarKey feature, which uses NFC technology to unlock and launch the car. Although the idea of ​​replacing the car key with a smartphone is not new, nevertheless, work on the development of this technology has been going on for a long time. Fortunately, Apple has decided to accelerate the pace, […]

In iOS 14, a call recording may appear

Apple may introduce a rather unusual feature in the new version of its operating system. It's about the ability to record conversations and FaceTime. At the moment, however, these are just rumors, so it is not known whether we will see such an addition in the new iOS. The IT Home service reports that one […]

Apple has an idea for group selfies in an era of social isolation

We live in an era when social exclusion is recommended. So group selfies are a problem. Meanwhile, Apple has an idea for this solution, which it has patented. The company received a patent that describes the function of creating group photos that will be composed of images of people from different photos. Apple has an […]

What is the most popular smartphone in the world?

The best-selling smartphone in the world has become known. Consulting company Omdia has provided a report that says that the Apple iPhone 11 is the best-selling smartphone in the world in I quarter. this year. The latest entry-level model in the Apple lineup was more popular than last year's iPhone XR, reaching sales of about […]

iOS 13.5 will simplify the use of a smartphone in a protective mask

Apple has just released the latest beta version of iOS 13 at 13.4.5. and it immediately changed its name to iOS 13.5. The system will, among other things, have an API that helps you track contacts with infected covid-19 and … simplify the use of the phone when the user wears a mask. As it […]

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