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CES 2020: Production of water from air and solar energy

According to UN estimates, more than 2 billion people live without clean drinking water in their homes. Zero Mass Water has developed a completely revolutionary solution. Their Source device only receives water from air and sunlight. “The Source panel created by us is currently the only solution providing access to clean water that does not […]

The United States paid Russia a gigantic amount for transporting astronauts to the International Space Station

Since 2011, NASA has been using Russian rockets to transport cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station. The Americans are already working on their successor, which is not particularly surprising given the amount that the US space agency has paid in recent years for the use of Soyuz rockets. NASA's accountant probably cannot wait […]

PhotoChromeleon will make your stuff never bore you

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a mixture of photochromic dyes. It can be used to paint the surfaces of any item – from shoes to cars. PhotoChromeleonem will change color. This is a reversible process, and by the way, it can be performed an infinite number of times, and without prejudice […]

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