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BMW Releases Largest Software Update

In July this year, BMW plans to release the biggest update for its Connected Car system. From now on, all digital services will be installed on new cars. However, their activation will require an additional fee. BMW is increasingly proving that they see the car as a digital platform. The German manufacturer now offers its […]

Galaxy Fold Lite will not appear until next year

Samsung is expected to showcase three new flagships soon. We will probably see them already on August 5th at Unpacked. The bad news is that among them, most likely, there will be no Galaxy Fold Lite. South Korean portal Viva 100 reports that Samsung was due to premiere a simplified version of the Galaxy Fold […]

Airbus is developing sensors to be deployed at airports and aircraft. For what purpose?

According to the Financial Times, Airbus is developing special sensors that should detect explosives or biological hazards. The technology will be implemented, among other things, at airports. Airbus uses sensors based on modified biological cells that can detect odors in its new project. The company would like to introduce its technologies at airports and even […]

Tesla Autopilot Navigation Detects Traffic Light

Tesla has long been developing new features for its autopilot. Among them, among other things, support for the detection of traffic lights and stop signs. Now, as the American manufacturer said, both decisions went to public use. The new feature, available in software update 2020.12.6, automatically detects an approaching traffic light or stop sign, and […]

Microsoft Teams gets new features. Among them are backgrounds for video chat

Microsoft Teams is still under development, and further changes have been announced this week. These include video chat functions, which introduce the ability to set the background. At the moment, however, there is no way to upload your own image. However, we know that such an option will also be added over time. Microsoft Teams […]

Firefox 75 is available. Among the new products, easier access to the most visited sites

Firefox 75 – The latest version of Mozilla browser is now available for download, but so far the list of changes is not available for final editing. The most important new feature is the updated address bar, which gives you quick access to the most visited sites. Firefox 75 waited for the final release, which […]

New leaks about the smartphone Nokia 5.3

New information about the next Nokia smartphone has hit the Internet. The model appeared number 5.3 and will receive, among other things, a camera in the style of “Oreo”. Nokia is preparing a new smartphone from the middle price segment. It is expected that the manufacturer will implement a 16-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel telephoto […]

Google Chrome 80 is already available. Among the new products – notifications will become invisible

Google Chrome 80 is the latest version of the popular web browser that you can already download. In this version, quieter notifications from sites appear. They will not be as noticeable as before. In addition, Chrome 80 introduces a new cookie classification system, which will be implemented in the second half of February (more on […]

Apple in popularity in Ukraine is a leader among smartphones, laptops, tablets and bluetooth headphones

Apple is the most popular brand of smartphones, laptops and tablets by the number of responses to the offer. Speaking of speakers, this is Sony. “Battle” of wireless headphones: Apple's AirPods sell 13.5 times more than Xiaomi AirDots. Almost half of online purchases in Ukraine are in household appliances and electronics, according to a recent […]

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