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OnePlus confirms: “invisible” camera will go to other smartphones

The camera installed in the OnePlus Concept One smartphone will get to other mobile devices. This information was confirmed by the head of the Chinese company, Pete Lau. In an interview with The Verge, Pete Lau confirmed that OnePlus is going to use its “invisible” camera in other smartphones related to flagship models. True, the […]

Android auto-complete passwords will provide biometrics

XDA magicians have reported that Google is working on introducing a new password protection feature to auto-complete passwords in Android. Ultimately, this feature allows you to check the user with each act of using a password. Better late than never. Although it may seem strange that this has happened only now, the mere fact that […]

LG Soundbar with AI Calibration

LG promises that their new soundbars will automatically calibrate the sound to provide the best listening experience. All this is implemented using artificial intelligence. LG’s new soundbars introduce Room AI, an artificial intelligence algorithm that calibrates sound for the room in which they are located. The functionality was developed together with Meridian Technology – this […]

The first commercial electric aircraft made a successful test flight

Harbor Air conducted a successful test flight on an eBeaver electric airplane. The design is based on a version of the aircraft originally created in 1948. eBeaver is a highly modified version of the legendary DCH-2 Beaver. The aircraft uses an electric engine with a capacity of 750 horsepower. Harbor Air has announced a partnership […]

A revolutionary 3D printer can create models from multiple materials at once

3D printing technology already allows us to do a lot, but its capabilities have not yet been exhausted and we still have many discoveries in this area. One of these possibilities is to create models from several materials simultaneously. And this has recently been done. The novelty is so unique that it can create objects […]

Apple will provide the Deep Fusion feature. iPhone will make photos even better

Deep Fusion – these are new opportunities from the field of artificial intelligence, which should make the photos of new iPhones look even better. Deep Fusion algorithms allow you to combine four frames into one photo along with long exposure. The combination of four different images allows you to get one, solidly taken photo. Deep […]

Tablets help refuel planes at the airport

Istanbul Grand Airport was equipped with Getac tablets. With their help, the volume of refueling is controlled, which reduces the time of refueling. Industrial tablets allow you to refuel up to 700 aircraft per day. At the end of the ongoing restructuring since 2017, Istanbul Airport will become one of the largest airports in the […]

Sony begins selling 16K screens for movie theaters

Sony has begun offering Crystal LED widescreen displays to the consumer market. These are screens representing a 16K image. The diagonal reaches 790 inches. Sony's Crystal LED technology is not an absolute novelty – for the first time, information about it appeared in April, when it was presented to business customers. What is its uniqueness? […]

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