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Lenovo Yoga X – Android-tablet, which should act as an additional screen

Lenovo Yoga X is the new Android tablet, the information about which became available thanks to the leak. Designed as an extra screen for other hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, and even the Nintendo Switch console. Evana Blass, which many people know by the nickname Evleaks, posted the image of this gadget on the Internet. […]

Incredible, magical gadget from Apple! You have not seen this before (10 photos + 2 videos)

CheerPod is the natural evolution of the mouse. The novelty allows you to do the same as with a conventional mouse, but it also allows you to do much more! CheerPod works not only with your computer, but also with your tablet, phone and even a projector. It functions like a mouse, trackpad, remote control […]

Want to help train your rover?

If you once dreamed of analyzing stones on Mars, then with the help of an interesting NASA project you can now find a replacement for such emotions. Available in a browser, the AI4Mars app allows you to travel the Red Planet aboard the Curiosity rover to explore the surroundings. The simulation was prepared by NASA's […]

The world's first transparent smart mask N99 + with UV-C sterilization

In the current situation, when we all need to consider the presence of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on society, we wear face masks. Numerous fabric or paper face masks hide our appearance and our personality. We lose personal connections with people when we do not understand their intentions and cannot see the facial […]

Amazon forbids police to use their own face recognition technology

Rekognition is an Amazon solution that is used for face recognition. The corporation said that it does not allow the police to use this technology, and it is expected that the changes will take effect over the next year. Amazon wants precise rules to be developed that more accurately define the rules for using Rekognition. […]

Fujifilm provides an application that turns cameras into webcams

Fujifilm has released new software that allows you to turn some mirrorless cameras into webcams. Everything should work quickly and with a minimal configuration. Fujifilm has released the Fujifilm X Webcam application, which works via a USB port and allows you to turn the camera into a kind of webcam. This will allow users to […]

A gadget that lets you train your brain

The results of physical training are pretty easy to prove. Just get on the scales and you will literally see this progress. Take a centimeter and measure your waist or biceps, and you will get tangible evidence that your training went well. However, you cannot do this for your brain. Designed to be a “simulator” […]

Free internet from Facebook in some countries. Special application launched

Facebook is moving forward with an exciting new initiative targeting developing countries. This is a special application Discover, which allows you to browse the Internet for free. The application is already available for first comers. According to Facebook, the Discover app was created based on the Free Basics initiative, available in 55 countries. The application […]

Google Meet free version – wants to compete with Zoom

Google has made its Meet platform available to everyone. This is the way the American manufacturer struggles with its largest competitor, the Zoom program. Until now, Google Meet has been offered as a premium service, but the American company is definitely looking to take on part of the currently popular video conferencing market. The official […]

Tired of shaving in poorly lit bathroom? Lucere lights will help

The problem with the lighting that many have encountered in the bathroom is not the best location for the fixtures. They are located either behind you or directly above the mirror, casting light down onto your face, making shaving or applying makeup incredibly difficult. Ideally, you need a light that shines directly on your face, […]

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