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Honor 8X receives its most important update. Great middle peasant got a second life

Honor India has officially announced an upgrade to EMUI 10 for Honor 8X. The phone should get a new firmware already in the third week of January. EMUI 10 will most likely be the latest full version of Huawei firmware, which will receive the Honor 8X, so you should pay attention to its functions and […]

Android auto-complete passwords will provide biometrics

XDA magicians have reported that Google is working on introducing a new password protection feature to auto-complete passwords in Android. Ultimately, this feature allows you to check the user with each act of using a password. Better late than never. Although it may seem strange that this has happened only now, the mere fact that […]

Samsung Ballie – a ball-shaped robot that takes care of its owner

Yellowish, charming and very helpful. Samsung has revealed its new robot guardian project, which will help us with our daily tasks. At last year's CES, Samsung introduced the Bot Care robot, which monitors the owner’s life functions and supports them with advice in the event of a health problem. This time, the Korean company went […]

The Mars 2020 Mars rover passed the first cross-country tests

Six months after the installation of the all-terrain vehicle, NASA organized and conducted the first cross-country tests. For almost 10 hours he overcame a difficult obstacle course. The mission to Mars planned for 2021 implies the impeccable readiness of the Curiosity rover. To this end, NASA for some time preparing a new rover to ensure […]

Gas stations are becoming a new target for hackers: Visa warns customers about possible thefts

Visa issued an official warning to customers stating that scammers had chosen a new target for large-scale hacker attacks, this time it was gas stations. Fraudsters try to steal payment card data, and they do it using a rather complicated algorithm. To do this, they use all the networks of gas stations to which malicious […]

Hybrid HR – smartwatch with an unusual screen and long battery life

The well-known manufacturer of devices Fossil has introduced a new model of hybrid smart watches – Hybrid HR. This equipment is characterized by the use of a well-known program for reading electronic books. I must admit that the new Fossil brand equipment should unite lovers of both classic products and lovers of advanced technologies. Thanks […]

Samsung smartphones instead of a payment terminal: the new system will soon work

Samsung POS is a new system that Koreans have experienced for some time. Thanks to a special application, Galaxy smartphones with a built-in NFC module can now act as a terminal that will accept payments by cards or other available services. Samsung POS allows you to turn Galaxy smartphones into payment terminals. A pilot project […]

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