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Black holes can become an endless source of energy for technologically advanced civilizations

Scientists from the University of Glasgow have received confirmation of the reliability of one theory, expressed more than fifty years ago, according to which a very technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization can use black holes as practically inexhaustible sources of energy. Even the possibility of testing this theory was for a long time beyond the capabilities […]

New Horizons research apparatus conducts first ever interstellar parallax experiment

On April 22-23 this year, the New Horizons spacecraft, located at a distance of almost 7 billion kilometers from the Earth, took pictures of certain areas of space, which clearly show that some of the nearby stars are in positions different from the positions at which they visible from Earth. The telescopic telephoto camera of […]

Kepler-160 and KOI-456.04 – a star-planet pair, as similar as possible to a Sun-Earth pair

Currently, astronomers know more than 4 thousand exoplanets. And recently, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany, have discovered a system in which the star-planet pair, Kepler-160 and KOI-456.04, are most similar to the Sun-Earth pair. The exoplanet KOI-456.04 is located almost at the same distance from the Kepler-160 star as […]

New soliton laser is able to concentrate huge energy in ultrashort pulses of light

Scientists from the Institute of Photonics and Optics, University of Sydney, Australia, have developed a laser based on completely new physical principles, through which it can generate ultrashort pulses of light in which huge energy is concentrated. The operation of this laser is based on the use of the so-called biquadratic solitons, a new physical […]

Sony launches artificial light sensors for cameras equipped with artificial intelligence

Not so long ago, Sony representatives showed the whole world what can be described as "the world's first light-sensitive cameras for cameras equipped with data processing functions based on artificial intelligence technologies." Such a combination of the two technologies will allow for preliminary processing of the incoming video stream in real time and transfer only […]

The first of its kind plasma engine designed to work in the Earth’s atmosphere

A team of researchers from the Institute of Technical Sciences of Wuhan University, China, developed and demonstrated the first of its kind prototype of a microwave plasma accelerator capable of operating in terrestrial atmospheres. And even in its current “laboratory form”, this accelerator is already capable of producing thrust with an efficiency comparable to the […]

CERN scientists consider Higgs boson as a source of dark matter

Scientists have long been calculated that within the visible part of the Universe, there are five times more mysterious dark matter than ordinary matter that you can see and feel. But, despite such an abundance and a large number of experiments conducted in this direction, dark matter has not yet been discovered, and its nature […]

Astronomers have discovered a planet three times superior to Jupiter

Each of the planetary systems has its own “king." In our solar system, this “king” is Jupiter, the gas giant named after one of the most influential gods of the Greek pantheon. The mass of Jupiter is twice the mass of Saturn, and the mass of the Earth is 300 times, and each movement of […]

Astronomers have solved the riddle of an exoplanet that disappeared right before the eyes of the Hubble telescope

You won’t surprise anyone with the fact of the discovery of new exoplanets at present, specialized telescopes, such as Kepler and TESS, have discovered and are discovering them in whole "bundles" in one cycle of research. However, as practice has shown, completely opposite cases can occur in space, such as a planet that has been […]

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