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Physicists have found a way to "hear" dark matter

Physicists from Stockholm University and the Max Planck Institute of Physics, Germany, using some of the properties of low-temperature plasma, have found a new way that will bring the "hunt for dark matter" to a whole new level. We remind our readers that the concept of dark matter was introduced at the time to explain […]

Scania AXL – a robotic truck concept that shows us the future of mining

Without a doubt, the world is moving towards a future in which all cars will be completely self-driving. And confirmation of this is the concept of the truck-robot AXL of the well-known company Scania, which does not even have a driver's cabin and which is intended for use in the mining industry. Note that Scania […]

Astronomers have suggested that the mysterious ninth planet may be a small black hole

We remind our readers that a few years ago a group of scientists of astronomers put forward the theory of the existence of the still undiscovered planet of the solar system, "Planet 9" or "Planet X". This cold planet is located in the depths of space far beyond the orbit of Neptune, and its existence […]

Astrophysicists have proposed the idea of ​​a space elevator, implemented at the current level of technology development

Launching spacecraft into low Earth orbit continues to be an expensive and difficult task. Therefore, scientists are constantly returning to the idea of ​​creating space elevators that will be able to lift people and cargo into space from the Earth’s surface, and recently, astrophysicists from Cambridge University and Columbia University, USA, have come up with […]

2000 atoms in two places at the same time – a new record in the field of creating a state of quantum superposition

A group of scientists from the University of Vienna and the University of Basel tested the principle of quantum superposition on the largest scale in the entire history of science. Huge complex molecules, consisting of two thousand atoms, were placed in a state of superposition, being, at the same time, in two places at the […]

For the first time, Google has been able to demonstrate real quantum superiority.

Not so long ago, an article published by Google researchers was spotted on NASA's website. Despite the fact that she, this article, was deleted quite quickly, many people managed to get acquainted with its contents, in which Google researchers claim that they managed to achieve real quantum superiority in solving a specific computing problem on […]

Superheavy gravitino became candidates for the title of particles of dark matter

Despite the fact that the amount of dark matter in the Universe surrounding us exceeds the amount of ordinary matter by five times, this dark matter remains elusive to this day. Many experiments have already been carried out, the purpose of which was to track various types of candidate particles, but none of these experiments […]

A new record has been set for the range of conservation of quantum entanglement between light and matter

The ghostly world of quantum mechanics promises us the future of a fast and secure Internet, the amazing computing power of quantum computers and much more. And now, researchers from the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Computer Science of the Austrian Academy of Sciences have taken another step towards the […]

RV16X-NANO – the first 16-bit programmable carbon nanotube processor

The engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and specialists from the famous company Analog Devices have jointly created the first fully programmable 16-bit carbon nanotube microprocessor. The circuit of this processor, containing almost 15 thousand transistors, is the most complex embodiment of the "nanotube" CMOS logic to date, and all this was done using […]

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