Scientists have managed to create a temperature-controlled robot

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology have developed an interesting robot that can change shape under the influence of temperature. Such a solution contains great potential. Two different types of hinges were created, which fold depending on the heat supplied. One of the robots called Rollbot is able to take the shape of a […]

The company that works with Apple listened to 1000 recordings a day with Siri

The scandal associated with listening to calls using the Siri voice assistant is overgrown with new details. This time another company admitted to listening to conversations, which did so on a large scale. After Amazon and Google confessed to recording conversations with the help of their voice assistants, and then listening to them, so the […]

An artificial tail will help a person maintain balance in any situation.

Such a part of the body as the tail is quite common in the animal kingdom, with its help many living creatures demonstrate miracles of dexterity and can even capture and hold various objects. People, as we know, are deprived of such a body part, and researchers from Keio University, Japan, decided to rectify the […]

A huge asteroid will pass near the Earth

NASA reports that in less than a month, a huge asteroid called 2000 QW7 will pass near Earth. It is really big, because in length it is close to the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi. It is estimated that an accelerated asteroid will fly around our planet at […]

MUST HAVE Festival Trip List

The festival summer is in full swing, which means that in August there is still a lot of adventure, music and fun. Throughout Ukraine, and in Europe, of course, bright flashes are observed: weather forecasters and scientists unanimously declare that the accumulation of fashionable and beautiful people is to blame. According to them, you can […]

Google Chrome will verify your passwords

Google Chrome will get a very interesting security feature for your accounts. This is a tool for checking passwords with accessible databases containing information from leaks. Such functionality is offered through expansion, but in a clear example of a browser version from the Canary channel, it was decided to integrate it directly into the program. […]

Hurricanes increase spider aggressiveness

Scientists have found that hurricanes affect the development of aggressive colonies of spiders. Dr. Jonathan Pruitt of the University of California, Santa Barbara examines the environmental impact of tropical cyclones. Pruitt decided to try to take into account weather warnings in order to determine the likely occurrence of hurricanes 2-3 days before they occur. Then […]

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