Drug lord brother launches low-cost folding smartphone

Although this sounds ridiculous and incredible, a certain Roberto Escobar, the brother of the famous Pablo Escobar, with the help of one company brings to the market a foldable smartphone at a very attractive price. Currently, smartphones with a folding screen have become incredibly popular. These phones abroad often cost more than 1.5 thousand dollars. […]

A spacecraft in the form of a stingray has been developed that can "float" in the atmosphere of Venus

Researchers from the University of Buffalo have developed a project of a spacecraft in the form of a stingray, which may someday go to explore the atmosphere of Venus. This development was carried out as part of the BREEZE project (Bio-inspired Ray for Extreme Environments and Zonal Explorations) and NASA representatives chose it as one […]

Apple is preparing a small revolution in the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

According to reliable sources, Apple plans to have several devices with mini-LED screens. The reason for introducing new technology may be different than it might seem. This year was very plentiful at Apple's premieres – in particular, the more powerful Mac Pro, iPhone 11 and 16-inch Macbook Pro debuted in the market. What will the […]

Monster Cars: CAV-X super cavitation underwater bullets breaking all ballistic records

Conventional bullets for conventional weapons slow down very quickly when hit in water. They lose their destructive power after a couple of meters and therefore a dive into a pool or other body of water is a good enough idea to save life under fire. However, the Norwegian company DSG has developed special underwater bullets […]

Life and gadgets: which brands are interested in Ukrainians

Apple is the most popular brand of smartphones, laptops and tablets by the number of responses to the offer. Speaking of speakers, this is Sony. “Battle” of wireless headphones: AirPods sell 13.5 times more than AirDots. Which brands of devices were most interesting for Ukrainians in 2019 – in OLX analytics. Nearly half of online […]

A cheap smoke filter device was created. The project was developed by MIT engineers

Specialists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an interesting device that can help combat climate change. Inexpensive equipment is used to capture carbon dioxide, which is transported to the atmosphere. MIT engineers have created a very interesting carbon dioxide capture device that affects climate warming. Existing methods require the use of […]

Smart cameras will search for drivers using phones while driving

The Australian government has put in place cameras with an artificial intelligence system, the purpose of which will be to monitor drivers who use their phones while driving. The AI ​​will send photos to the operator, who decides whether to take action. Australia believes that the new solution will reduce the percentage of drivers who […]

Marine animals will help you make detailed maps of the bottom of the oceans.

Turtles and other marine species of animals can be invaluable in mapping the bottom of the oceans. According to scientists who monitor the oceans around the world, it is not necessary to create sophisticated equipment or conduct expensive expeditions to explore the ocean depths. You can simply use a wide range of marine animals and […]

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