Xiaomi helps fight the threatening virus from Wuhan. The company sends help

Xiaomi did not remain indifferent to the problems of Wuhan, which was paralyzed by the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. The company has prepared medical supplies worth more than 100,000 yuan (about 900,000 rubles), which will be delivered to the quarantined city. These are special masks and thermometers. The delivery includes special masks, including the N95 model, which […]

Giant Airbus BelugaXL Cargo Aircraft Launched

The giant BelugaXL series transport aircraft were designed specifically for the transport of large-sized aircraft structural components between the production sites of the well-known aerospace company Airbus. And recently, the first of these aircraft, the height of which is comparable to the height of a three-story building, began to make regular flights, which is the […]

Half-Life series is free on Steam until the release of the new Alyx VR game

Half-Life's favorite game, perhaps, will get an even larger audience of admirers. This is because the game of this cult has become available in the free version on Steam before the release of Half-Life: Alyx. The new Half-Life edition should be a VR game – equipment that only a handful of people still have. But […]

Facebook artificial intelligence allows robots to move without maps

Facebook has developed an interesting solution based on artificial intelligence. He created a robot that doesn’t need maps to move. A special very effective algorithm is responsible for the work. Tests have shown that such a robot can achieve the goal by 99.9% of the time it takes to move without using a map. Currently, […]

Xiaomi becomes the 4th largest smartphone maker in Western Europe in 2019

This is not only India, Europe also loved Xiaomi branded products. Xiaomi International President Shu Zi Chu said the company is the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in Western Europe. The company's market share has reportedly grown by an impressive 90% (!) Year on year. For the first three quarters of 2019, Xiaomi's revenue amounted to […]

Hubble Space Telescope Discovers Smallest Cluster of Dark Matter

Dark matter is a mysterious substance that fills the universe, and the amount of which is five times the amount of ordinary matter. Huge clusters of dark matter have already been discovered in various galaxies, but, according to existing theories, clusters of much smaller sizes, but having a sufficiently high density, should form from dark […]

Honor MagicWatch 2 in new versions. Here everyone will find something for themselves.

Honor MagicWatch 2 is one of the most interesting smartwatch models of 2019. The gadget has received a dozen new options that are the result of the Honor Global Watch Face Design contest. Smartwatch is not yet an electronics industry that is associated with a fancy design approach. From bolder projects, it comes to mind […]

CAPRI standalone cars will transport people in UK mall

A new mode of transport will appear in the UK. Customers of one of the shopping centers will now be able to try out special autonomous capsule vehicles that move completely without human control. Cribbs Causeway in Gloucestershire will see a new mode of transport. These will be special autonomous vehicles CAPRI, which were introduced […]

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