Boeing and Porsche build a flying car

Boeing and Porsche said they are working together on an electrically driven conceptual flying vehicle. The American aviation industry group already this year tested a prototype of a flying car for 2-4 passengers, which can cover up to 50 kilometers. It took place several months after competing with Boeing, Airbus, in collaboration with Audi's premium […]

Astronomers have suggested that the mysterious ninth planet may be a small black hole

We remind our readers that a few years ago a group of scientists of astronomers put forward the theory of the existence of the still undiscovered planet of the solar system, "Planet 9" or "Planet X". This cold planet is located in the depths of space far beyond the orbit of Neptune, and its existence […]

Alfa Romeo Tonale – this is how it looks in the working version

The first photos of Alfa Romeo Tonale leaked to the network. This compact crossover is really needed by the troubled Italian brand. It is already known for sure that the novelty is a rival, in particular, the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 – technically it will be associated with the Jeep Compass. The concept was […]

DxOMark will tell you which smartphone has the best sound quality! Who was the winner?

Want to know which smartphone offers the best sound quality? The DxOMark website has published a new rating of models in which they checked the capabilities of recording and reproducing sound. What is the best smartphone for music? DxOMark is a site that “knows how” to rate cameras on smartphones, and then “translate” these ratings […]

New antibiotic found in Mexico

A new antibiotic was discovered in the soil of the rainforest, which can be especially useful in agriculture. Phasolycin has recently been isolated deep in the rainforests of Los Tuxtlas in Mexico. It seems that this substance can attack several types of bacteria. “Acquired resistance is a huge problem both in medicine and in agriculture, […]

A tiny nanolaser is created that can work inside the tissues of living organisms.

Scientists from Northwestern and Columbia Universities have developed a new type of tiny laser, which is fully biocompatible and, as a result, is able to work inside the tissues of living organisms without harming them. This laser has a size of only 150 nanometers and needs a very small amount of energy, based on it […]

Toyota unveils new hydrogen car concept

The premiere of the electric Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan in 2014 led Toyota to become the world leader in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The concern is currently working on a new generation of this technologically advanced model. First-generation Mirai has accelerated the growth of awareness in the world of hydrogen technologies and the new opportunities that […]

A police robot refused to accept a fight statement and left with a song

In a small town near Los Angeles, a rather strange situation occurred when a woman who noticed a fight in the park wanted to call a police patrol. Unfortunately, the policeman robot did not accept the application and asked to leave the road. A pilot program has been launched in Huntington Park to patrol streets […]

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