Nvidia for the first time in history overtakes Intel in capitalization

Nvidia has become the most valuable chip maker in the United States. For the first time in history, the company's capitalization is greater than Intel. Nvidia’s current valuation is more than $ 3 billion higher than its competitor’s. The price of one auction currently exceeds $ 400. Nvidia has had a very successful stock market […]

US transports patients with COVID-19 in containers

The US Air Force uses modified transport containers to transport people with coronavirus. The containers used by the US Air Force are designed to transport patients with COVID-19. They are loaded into the back of heavy transport aircraft, and a specially designed air filtration system makes the virus unable to exit the container, thereby creating […]

BMW Releases Largest Software Update

In July this year, BMW plans to release the biggest update for its Connected Car system. From now on, all digital services will be installed on new cars. However, their activation will require an additional fee. BMW is increasingly proving that they see the car as a digital platform. The German manufacturer now offers its […]

The new Start menu in Windows 10. Tell us how to turn it on!

For Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new Start menu. If you still do not know how to enable it, we will tell you. Since the new Start menu is still under testing, it was available only to those who use the latest build of Windows 10 20161. To make this even more difficult, only half […]

Mega-lightnings: new champions in the field of range and duration of a flash of a lightning discharge

Thunderstorm is one of the most spectacular and exciting demonstrations of the forces of nature, when the sky is illuminated by fast flashes of lightning, accompanied by powerful sound strikes, thunder. And few people know that among lightning discharges there are record holders, moreover, in two different categories – according to the range of distribution […]

Do you use WhatsApp? You might not like Zuckerberg’s new idea

Everything indicates that information about connecting Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp into one service may turn out to be true. Many WhatsApp users will not like this, but this is Mark Zuckerberg’s plan. Despite the fact that Facebook-owned WhatsApp still works regardless of the social giant, this may change in the near future. According to developer […]

South Korea using drones resembles washing hands and wearing masks (video + photo)

South Korea coped quite effectively with the problem of coronavirus. However, COVID-19 still exists, and we must follow the recommendations. The Koreans decided to use drones to remind them of the need to wash their hands and wear masks. It turned out really glamorous. There are not many cases of coronavirus infection in South Korea, […]

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