Under the surface of the moon may be gold and other precious metals

A group of specialists from the USA and Canada set a goal to solve the mystery of the strange shortage of precious metals observed in the lunar soil. In their opinion, this may indicate that under the surface of the Silver Ball is a real "Eldorado". Studying the lunar soil, scientists faced an abnormally low […]

Scientists managed to capture the motion of matter atoms in 4D format

Scientists have been conducting research for a long time to find out what exactly happens when various materials evaporate, melt and crystallize, in other words, they transfer from one state of matter to another. And recently, the knowledge about the processes occurring during phase transitions was significantly supplemented, thanks to the experiments of scientists from […]

PhotoChromeleon will make your stuff never bore you

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a mixture of photochromic dyes. It can be used to paint the surfaces of any item – from shoes to cars. PhotoChromeleonem will change color. This is a reversible process, and by the way, it can be performed an infinite number of times, and without prejudice […]

Next Generation Optical Connection Delivers 2 Tbit / s Bandwidth

Ayar Labs has developed its own optical connection system called Brilliant, which will replace the current SerDes circuits (short for serializator / deserializator) in the near future. According to Ayar Labs engineers, they have reached the limit of their capabilities in the near future. First of all, new systems will appear in data centers and […]

Samsung announces the start of sales of Galaxy A30s in Ukraine

Samsung Electronics introduces the Galaxy A30s smartphone, which combines enhanced technical specifications and original design with a futuristic holographic effect on the rear panel. An advanced camera, a fingerprint scanner on the screen, a 4000 mAh battery and the ability to quickly charge provide high performance news. In Ukraine, the model has been on sale […]

Artificial Intelligence can model quantum systems without requiring massive amounts of computing resources

Modeling quantum computing systems is a computationally difficult task. Everything that happens in the ghostly quantum world obeys unusual laws described by entire systems of complex equations, and with an increase in the number of elements of a quantum system, the number of computational resources required for its modeling increases exponentially. Thus, with the complexity […]

SpaceX will soon test the largest Starship rocket

Starship is a large launch vehicle that SpaceX is working on. The FCC has already received a request for a permit to test a new version of the ship, which will fly much higher compared to previous prototypes. SpaceX recently conducted a successful test of the Starhopper rocket, for which the company is testing Raptor […]

Motorola One smartphone coming soon

In the near future we should be witnessing the debut of the new Motorola smartphone – the first information about the One Macro smartphone, which should receive a powerful battery, got on the network. Information about Motorola One Macro comes directly from the Thai NTBC certification agency and the popular benchmarka Geekbench – thanks to […]

A quantum microphone capable of “hearing” individual sound particles has been created.

Physicists at Stanford University have created a device that can be called the term “quantum microphone,” whose sensitivity is high enough to measure the parameters of individual sound particles called phonons. This new device can become the basis for new types of quantum sensors, various transducers and an information storage device for future quantum computers. […]

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